Aluu4 Murder: I Watched Them Kill My Brother – Tekena’s Sister

A sister of one of the four University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) students brutally murdered last Friday in Umuokiri village, Aluu, Rivers State, has narrated how her younger brother and his friends were lynched.

Miss Ibisobia Elkanah, elder sister of Tekena Friday Elkanah, revealed yesterday that policemen visited the scene where the students were burnt to death after they were severely injured and that one of the law enforcement agents told the perpetrators of the dastardly act “to burn them alive”

The murdered students, Chiadika Lordson, Ugonna Kelechi Obusor, Mike Lloyd Toku, and Tekena Elkanah, all part two students, were murdered in cold blood over alleged theft of a laptop computer and a blackberry phone. Ibisobia, a part-time final year student of Marketing, at the same university who witnessed the incident, said on that fateful day, at about 7.30 am, she was at the house of her girl friend in the community when she heard people shouting outside. “I dashed out and beckoned on my friend to come since she lived in the area.

The thing attracted much noise and attention. I went there but did not actually see or recognize any of them, due to the crowd. “I heard when people were saying the people they (vigilance group) caught were strangers; that they want to burn them.

They said they were asking them questions, so that they could know their senders.” She said after that, she went back to her friend’s house, but could not stay there. “I went back again. I went through the bush path so that I could see them properly. I started jumping to see if I could see them. I jumped again but saw nothing. I jumped the second time and I saw Tekena. Tekena happened to be my brother. “I told myself that I was not seeing well, this thing is a lie. I jumped the third time, I saw Lloyd (one of the victims). So, I started shouting.

From what I gathered, the first time I came, they said they were not known; that they were strangers. As I identified them, I started shouting. Ibisobia said she continued shouting that Tekena was her brother, saying that he came to her on Thursday in school and she gave him his school fees. “I told them that somebody should allow me to ask him what happened and what he came to do. He would confide in me. He was wailing and in a pool of blood.”

“Tekena has been my younger brother for many years. I saw them as they lay in the water naked with leaves covering their nakedness.” His elder sister said she struggled and entered the crowd. Somebody shouted “Who is that? What is she doing inside?” “People were pushing me and I started crying. He is my brother! He is not a thief! Somebody behind me said O’girl run for your life.

About two persons turned and asked, are you sure he is your brother, and said may be I was the person that sent him to go and steal.” Ibisobia replied them that how could she send him, that she did not look as such. ‘They said I should run for my life that I would be the next one, fifth person.” The young lady lamented that before she could get to her friend’s room to call her family members, she learnt that the mob had taken them to the burrow pit. “So, I went there again.

I called my family and they started coming. The police van came, went into the mob and they were talking to them (youths). The people kept quiet as police were making statements. “I heard them laughing. You know, they were happy. They kept quiet again. Police talked and they laughed again. The next was for me to see three policemen coming out of the mob, boarded their van. And, one of the said “burn them alive”. “I must confess, I was gripped with fear.

I had the intention to talk to the man that said they should be burnt alive. As soon as they (police) drove off, I saw the flames. I was thinking they burnt them after they had killed them. Later, I discovered that they were burnt while they were alive.

Source: Sun Newspaper


  1. If this is true, those police officers should be brought to book. They should be relieved of their duty. This is what I keep saying everyday. There should be no impunity for violence. May the blood of those young innocent boys cry out to God, just like the blood of Abel.

  2. this goes a long way to showing what kind of people we have as our policemen. They do the reverse of what they are paid to do…to safeguard lives and properties.
    if those officers that gave the go ahead order aren’t also relieved of their job and given other punishments, then the Aluu justice is never complete

  3. I am truly sorry for your loss, know that your brother and his friends are in the bosom of Gods arms.
    As a UK citizen we are currently rallying together to make sure this matter gets the international attention needed to make sure this does not happen again in Nigeria and that the families of the 4 boys get justice. And that the perpetrators be brought to book. Justice will be served.

  4. I feel ur pain but i want u to b strong knwing dat ur broda and friends are resting in Abraham’s bosom…if u ask me,i’ll say that this wicked act might have bn going on in dat God forsaken village for years but the innocent & heroic blood of ur broda and his friends cried out to God and God stepped in to their case…

  5. Iz a real shock am dazzin on nid askin GOD to Punished d whole A|u Community 4 d police force dey are nat tryin dey police wia der watchin d innocent boy’z dyin GOD dnt let dem go free.

  6. Take heart my dear sister.I can’t imagine d truamatic pain U’ll be undergoing at d moment.But GOD alone will comfort U.And to my fellow Nigerians,let’s keep sending post on d net and d international bodies as well cos d latest gist I’m hearing from a source inside is that nothing has actually been done to take d culprints of the murdered students to court. Please help raise alarm for the family to receive justice please.

  7. You know the truth, aluu community will be cursed for years and years to come ,the boys that did they killers, their families ,their generations, cos the those boys must have cried and begged. I just watched a tiny bit and I was tramatized,then people had the mind to do it and others supported. The youths in that community and the entire community will not have peace and they will wonder, the police that gave the go ahead hmmm, their families and and generations! God have mercy my eyes are filled with tears and my heart bleeds. As a mother my heart goes out to the mothers of those young and handsome boys. One thing I,m sure is whatever curse the mothers of those boys place on the community it will follow them

  8. May their souls rest in perfect peace, Amen. Please hush, cry no more, U̶̲̥̅̊ Απϑ U̶̲̥̅̊® family for God Almighty has never lost a battle. This He will fight & win. Please accept ♍Ɣ condolence. Now we all know dat d police Ȋ̝̊̅§ d least 2 be counted Θn̶̲̥̅̊ .

  9. De police r not 2 be counted upon,they r evil,they r only interested in collectin 20naira on de high way & neva executing thr duties.Let de innocent blod of these boys hunt after them & de entire Aluu community.

  10. It is proven again dat 9ja police are too lazy in carying out investigation. FG shud put end to killing and burning of so call thievs cought by pple. It is an act dat erase d identity of d suspect.

  11. Hmmm,wht nation do we have,those boyz were murdered in cold blood.On behalf of the entire students of unilorin we say Adieu to those boyz as for the killers,let that jungle justice be brought upon them.The police officers who sided the act of aborminable self claimed duty shld be brought to book,however it shows my opinion that soldiers should take every responsibilities related to national security and defence and make police subject of no responsibility the police are not feared so y are they security agents?If the incidence occured in the sight of soldiers it won’t even occur cos of whom they are known as.Those police officers are subjects of institutional diversion they are not human as so to their collegues of Aluu community.


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