Amaechi Confirms Purchase Of $45m Aircraft

The Rivers State Government has confirmed the purchase of a brand new $45million Bombardier Jet for Governor Chibuike Amaechi.
Reacting to inquiries, Mrs. Ibim Semenitari Commissioner for Information said; “It was paid for two years ago. The reason is for safety. The new aircraft is a much safer one.”
She said plans are already in place to sell the old aircraft.

A report criticizing Ameachi over the purchase of a new aircraft at a time his state is ravaged by flood and several people rendered homeless said Amaechi acquired the brand new Bombardier Global 5000 (N565RS) for his exclusive use.

Semenitari however pointed out that the purchase was made two years ago based on expert advice that the new one is safer, and that the Rivers state House of Assembly was duly consulted before the purchase and the House approved of it.

Sahara Reporters had reported that the newly purchased jet left Montreal-Trudeau Airport in Montreal, Quebec to Dakar Yoff International Airport, and then it was delivered to the state government on 7 October 2012.
The jet was primarily purchased from Bombardier in Canada for $45.7 million through the Bank of Utah Trustee account.

A Port Harcourt-based human rights activist has regarded the purchase of the new aircraft as “an ungodly act.”

A lot of people were said to have been disappointed in the governor when they heard rumours that he bought a new jet, especially at a time when several people have been rendered homeless as a result of flooding in the area; and also the bad state of roads in the South-South state has left people asking if the government really has the love the citizens of the state at heart.

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  • Even if the aircraft belongs to the government of Rivers state OR Amaechi personal property,its still ungodly, unpatriotic and insensitive…
    I ve always admire Amechi especially whenever his achievements in the state are been shown on giant-stride(a program on AIT)…but with such news,I feel scammed

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