Angry Driver Runs Over 12 Year-old Boy

An Asian man has been charged to the Criminal Court of First Instance, Abu Dhabi, with intentionally running over a boy with his car resulting in his death, and threatening three other boys with his vehicle.

The boys were only playing pranks, but it got on the wrong side of the driver who aimed at them with his car in anger.

The 12 year-old boy was with three friends, who were allegedly throwing garbage at the suspect’s car. The boys testified that the victim did not participate in the act, but ran away with them after the accused got out of his car to confront them.

Minutes later, the boys claim the accused drove his car towards them at a high speed. The car struck the victim, who died on the spot.

The defendant told the court that the boys harassed him and admitted driving towards them, but at a low speed. He fled the scene after he heard onlookers saying the boy was dead.

According to the court’s forensics lab, a fracture at the base of the skull and a concussion caused the boy’s death. Authorities also recreated the incident at the scene where it happened, and it was discovered that the defendant intentionally swerved and entered an area where no vehicles were allowed.

Reports say the man could face a life sentence if found guilty of the crime.