Ban On Okada: Fashola Lambasts Supporters Of Unregulated Okada Operation

Lagos State Governor, Mr Babatunde Fashola (SAN) was on Tuesday challenged those supporting the unregulated operation of commercial motorcyclist to take a trip to the various hospitals and medical emergency centres to see the havoc wreaked by their activities.

Governor Fashola who spoke on the topic “Freedom from Fear” in relation to Law and Order in Lagos State said they should visit the hospitals and emergency wards and see those who have lost limbs, arms, those who have lost children or those who have become orphans by the recklessness of the okada riders.

Noting that a lot depended on the citizenry in ensuring an orderly society, the Governor said everyone must build a consensus that the idea behind the new traffic law was to ensure the protection of life and assets of every resident of Lagos and their businesses.

Tracing the various well organized public transport systems that had existed in the past like the L.M.T.S and L.S.T.C, he said it should agitate the minds of citizens and members of the Club how the State arrived at its present state in terms of the unbridled operation of commercial motorcyclists.


  1. Fashola May God bless you for this one, if this is the only thing that you do before you leave office, you have done something right. These Okada people are vagabonds,causing chaos everywhere.They lame,kill and even spoil peoples car’s.Sometimes you see them even damage peoples vehicle and threathen to burn the owner inside his/her car.They’re just a gang of tout’s who use okada to cover up.Very lawless and irresponsible human beings.
    Those of you who use okada, embrace this law and once okada is out of the way,it will encourage you people to own a car.Some of their patronizers would have owned cars by now,but they were too blind to think or work towards that,bcos okada was always there for quick movement according to them.We have small small tokunbo cars that as small as 350,000 naira or lower can buy.Let okada go, you will see individual development. Even those okada people will become useful to themselves and think like human beings in time.

  2. Okeke u must have a job thank God for u praying dt u dnt loose it this critical time of high unemployment wen d gap between the gainfully employed and d unemployed is so wide u will appreciate that these vagabonds are pple like u who dnt want enter into shady deals but instead of being idle or disturbing u for their daily bread opt for this means of survival pending improvement in d economy.So sorry u are in the list of insensitive leaders wehave a gud leader can’t be cause of these ur unfound reasons remove food frm the tables of his followers


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