Beware Of Makeup On The Eyelashes; It May Damage Your Eyes – Optometrist

Every lady need to be aware of the threats some of the chemicals contained in make ups pose to their health. While trying to look beautiful, the health implications of the products we use must be taken into consideration.

A consultant Optometrist on Sunday advised women against applying eyelashes as makeup to avoid damaging the eyes.

Dr Michael Nwoko, Chairman, National Optometric Association, Edo chapter, gave the advice in an interview with the NAN saying that the product contained chemicals that could damage the eyes.

According to him, the eye reacts with any chemical that comes close to it.

“When you apply chemicals, such as makeup on the eyes, the eyes must react and this could lead to itching of the eyes.

‘’Some of the patients that have recurrent conjunctivitis which is an eye infection that affects the outer eyeball, is sometimes due to chemical reaction with the eyes.’’

The optometrist also warned that rubbing an itching eye could lead to the introduction of microorganisms to the eyes.

Not condemning eye make-up, Nwoko advised that the makeup should be applied on the eyebrow and not on the eyelashes. “if it is on the eyebrow, which is far away from the eye, it’s okay but anything that gets to the eyelashes must react with the eyes.

‘’People that apply makeup on the eyelashes must reduce it or if possible they should stop it’’, Nwoko told NAN



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