Boko Haram: “Search yourselves”, Atiku Tells Members of Affected Areas

Former Vice President of the country, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has advised community, religious and political leaders to take urgent steps in ending the needless and brutal killings of innocent people going on in the country. He made the plea in his Sallah message delivered in Abuja.

The elder statesman also expressed deep concern at the rate at which innocent people were being murdered daily by terror groups in the country, particularly in Borno and Yobe States. According to the former PDP presidential aspirant, the killing of innocent people by these dangerous armed groups breached the teachings of Islam, which placed high premium on the sanctity of life.

Atiku explained that there was no justification for the killings of innocent people along with their children, noting that the worst injustice and human right infringement was to destroy the life of innocent and defenseless people. The former Vice President said northern religious, community and political leaders should no longer limit their outrage to lamentation and helplessness. Rather, leaders in the areas affected by terror activities should begin an urgent audit of their people and neighbours with a view to identifying those responsible for the misery inflicted on the north by these worsening deaths of innocent people.

He said effective human intelligence gathering could help communities to rid themselves of people that pose a danger to the society. According to him, the time for blaming shadowy groups for these heartless killings had passed, adding that the Borno elders and other opinion leaders should take active measures to stop this looming anarchy posing the greatest security threat in recent memory.


  1. Why has Atiku waited till now before condemning dis killings, dis tin hs been going on 4 sum time now & d Northern leaders r quiet abt it bcos dey r been guided by MOPOL living d poor 2 suffer in d hands of dis shameless bastards, they will all suffer 4 it. May d souls of d dead rest in peace…

  2. D devil has blinded dese muslims. Dat man is aware of al watz happenin o. Recal dat as a true muslim, if u dnt hav mony, power 2 support jihad then selll d last drop of ur blood 2 support jihad. Pple dnt b decieved, d greatest target is christians. All islamists hav d sam spirit. 2rust me , he’s a faithful sponsor. But repent n accept Jesus n God wil 4giv all ur sins.