Boko Haram Was Arrested In Ali Modu Sheriff’s House Not Mine – Zanna

The Senator representing Borno Central, Ahmad Zanna, has said contrary to the claim by the Joint Task Force (JTF), a Boko Haram commander, Shuaibu Bama, was arrested in the house of former governor Ali Modu Sheriff and not in his own house.

The senator, Sunday, said that the attempt by the JTF to link him with the Boko Haram commander by claiming that he was arrested in his house was a plan to frame him.

The senator alleged that his recent interview where he called for the withdrawal of the JTF from Borno on account of failure to adhere to standard operating procedures, was the reason for their attempt at implicating him.

His words: “About 40 members of the JTF came to my house in four armoured vehicles on the day in question. They ransacked my house and they did not see anything incriminating. Then they brought out all the boys they met in my house who included my children, aides and neighbours.

They beat them and put them under the sun and asked them if they knew Shuaibu Bama and one of them said yes.  They asked the boy to lead them to where he (Bama) was and that boy took them to where Shuaibu Bama was and they arrested him.

“He was not arrested in my house.  He was arrested in a house which belongs to Sen. Ali Modu Sheriff.  The question is why did the JTF say that Shuaibu Bama was arrested in the house of a serving senator?

I am the only serving senator who has a house on the Dabuwa Road.  Bama was not arrested in my house.  He was arrested at the house located at Rabi Street, off Dambuwa Road.  My case is a very clear case of framing.  But it has failed.”

Not denying his relationship with the suspected Boko Haram commander, Sen. Zanna admitted that the suspect was his nephew and once lived with him but that he had to  send him away from his house about a year ago, when he discovered that the man was into drugs, beat his children and threatened even himself.

His exact words, “Shuaibu Bama is my sister’s son.  He once stayed with me but I sent him away about a year ago when I discovered that he was a drug addict and was beating my children.  He even threatened me and also threatened to kill his mother. I did not know him to be a member of Boko Haram..”

When asked if he has been questioned by the JTF, the senator said no.  According to him, “it was only this morning (Sunday) that I received a text saying that the Director-General) of SSS wants to see me.”


  1. Ds man is a lier!Nd a vibrant logic man, bt all ur lies can nt save u ds time arround both madu sheriff,bt zanna mek i ask u questions. (1)how comes ur children knw were u kept him? (2) so ur tellin NIGERIANS dat u dont knw dat bama is a boko haram? (3) u neva heard dat bama wz declared wanted in d whole world as a terrorist? (4) ur telling us dat bcause he is ur nephew wz ur reason nt 2 relate 2 d JTF were a wanted terrorist is? Bt let me tell u senator zanna, u should stop all ds lies cz GOD has exposed u nd ur campanies, u wil nt escape ds. Ur playing politics wif terrorists datz y a serving senator 4rM yobe state told NIGERIANS dat he wil stil unlish terror on 9ja ppl. Oh GOD ARISE WIF UR TERROR ON DS wicked men in NIGERIA nd IN D NORTH BY THUNDER ND TREMBLING, SICKNESSES, DISEASES OF ALL KINDS, BRING SHAKING IN THEIR LIFE WIT FEAR ND LET DEM RAN WEN NO 1 IS CHESSING DEM IN JESUS NAME WE PRAY AMEN………NIGERIANS SAY A LOUDER AMEN..

  2. is it that the Nigeria JTF can not tell exactly where they made Their arrest of the boko Aram leader Or what ever.are they saying that they don’t know the difference bewteen Ali modu sheriff and Zanna Ahmad. Ooh this guys should stop kidding us the Nigerians,many have being killed by this heartless gang.

  3. My questtion is this 1 who own the house in which he was arrested 2 when last has the senator speak with the man NCC should give detail of such 3 why should a law maker fail to give information of a wanted person I believe we Nigerians should not just go and sleep now over this issue let save Nigerian Group come up with ways of working with JTF to avoid sweeping this issue under the carpet like Lawan and Otidola bribe case

  4. Guys. Dis guy is tellin the truth,we d masses here in maid knws wat is hapnin. Ali modu sheriff is d 1 leader of dis sec. Bt he has a vry strong connection on top and zannah is his no1 rival. So he can fset him up and ali sheriff can bride anybody in dis world 2 achiev his aim n honnestly d jtf cause more harm dan good here,dey still,kill,rape,burn houses etc dey wouldn want 2 leav cos dey r makin money here.and some previous day zannah spoke against dem so is nt suprisin if dey set him up.

  5. This pple are playing wit our senses .senator zanna even me know dat bama is on wantd list and dat he is a Boko haram member and u a law maker ,a senator said u don’t know him as Boko haram membr but as a drug addict ? Imagine one idiot here is saying d senator is innocent ! Haba! Nigerians! Both d former govnor and d senator shld be arrested for good questioning.and why didn’t d JTf take pictures during d arrest ? Why? Dis country sef ! Goodluck and others in govt have chances of stopin dis Boko haram yet they don’t want to use d opportunity . Catch their sponsors and expose them sentence them and Boko haram will be a thing of d past . Why goodluck govt has not sentenced any one is bcos their hands are soiled ! If goodluck goes after them they will come after him.all of them havr something to hide dats why they are being careful in going after Boko haram members and aponsors.

  6. Na wa,who re u telling this fake story 2. Wonders shall never end in Nigeria,its a pity that even president don’t even give a dam abt what is going on. What ever story u re cooking jus knw u re not deceiving Nigerians but urself. U disgrace urself & ur family.Its a pity

  7. J T F is playing a foul game here. 1) Zanna’s house was ransacked and family threatened after he condemning their act.
    2) JTF can’t name exact house, this said BH was arrested
    3) If the name was not mentioned, then JTF should be suspected too.
    Both Madu and Zanna should be suspected and be interrogated
    1) The said BH is his nephew and couldnt declare him. Afraid of his life like president or what?
    2) The said BH claimed by Zanna was arrested in Madu’s house