Brazil Stuns The Rest Of The World As “Miss Bum-Bum” Pageant Is Set To Hold There

One thing I know for certain, this type of beauty pageant will never hold in Nigeria – not now, not in the nearest future. Beside our penchant for treasuring moral values, our society is just too conservative to permit something of that nature.
But Brazil is not Nigeria and so, they are gearing up to host the “Miss Bum-Bum,” pageant which is aimed at finding the lady with the best behind in the country
The nation’s cutest derriere will be chosen out of 27 competitors, one from each of Brazil’s Federating Units. Online voting will determine 15 finalists, who will travel to São Paolo in November for the grand finale.
According to organizers  of the pageant,  people know about the competition, but like to pretend that they’re not interested.


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