BREAKING NEWS: Governor Of Taraba State, Danbaba Suntai In Plane Crash

UPDATE: Governor Of Taraba State, Danbaba Suntai, Survives Crash, In Critical Condition

The Governor of Taraba State, Danbaba Dan-Fulani Suntai, the Executive governor of Taraba state has been involved in a plane crash.

Danbaba Suntai  the Governor of Taraba State was today involved in a plane crash at the Yola airport in Adamawa state.



  1. Bro Danbaba , Kai So He is dead. Pls those of you insulting don’t Know so keep quiet. He was a believer and may GOD comfort his family.

    • 1. May his soul rest in peace.Amen.However,gentlemen,The governor has alot to pilot in his state than adding more stress of piloting an aircraft where absolute concentration is required.
      2. There are many pilot looking for jobs,he could have picked one of them as his pilot. Amaechi should learn from this mistakes and other governors who want to turn pilot over night should be careful.State money shouldnt be deployed anyhow.

  2. Abi this man he never hear the history of plane crash in nija or something worrying him ne. well that is end of his road ooooooooooooo. yet poor people money dey sweet a beg nigerian leaders go ahead and loot, all of us we ,ll see the end of looters; RIP DBS GUD BYE;

  3. This is a jawdropping epilecptic meihem instigated by a seemingly lacadeiscal act of insubodination inflicted on the homosapiens of Taraba …his saul RIP

  4. pharmacist becomes pilot over night. Haba Gov. Suntai or is it nemecies that catches up with you for allowing(speer heading) the impeachment of your Deputy Governor? Leaders I think this is a lesson to learn. Dan-fulani Suntai RIP.

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