Breaking News: Police Arrest Mastermind Of UNIPORT Killings

The Police in Rivers State said they have arrested the mastermind and prime suspect of the ALUU murder, Coxson Lerebori Lucky, aka Bright.

Mr Lucky was declared wanted by the Nigerian Police on Monday for the brutal murder of four students of the University of Port Harcourt – Ugonna Obuzor, 18, 200 Level Geology; Lloyd Toku, 19, 200 Level Civil Engineering; Tekena Elkanah, 20, a Diploma Technical student and Chiadika Biringa, 20, 200 Level Theatre Arts.

He allegedly raised the alarm which got the students killed.

21 people have so far been arrested and the IG of police has ordered an inquest into the alleged involvement of police men and have promised to bring to book any officer found involved in the killing.


  1. I fee| so pain’z a|| d minute n tym my eye’z heavy with tear’z abt dos guy da wia LYNCHE to death. Am old man in da hv d god’z to set innocent souls ablaze u wl neva hv peace n u wl routin in jail.

  2. Those involve in the killings of the Innocent students should be well tortured and be roasted alive for dog to feed.. Sheyyaa! Wat a pity.. May ur souls rest in Peace Tekena etc.

  3. The law enforcement agent need to investigate more on that issue.They are many in uniport and i’m sure they have god father.Most of them would belong to secrect cults.Therefore you have to turture them to get others.

  4. I thank my God everything please nigeria police all dose dt ve a hand shuld be set ablaze too coz de is an addage dt say he who kill som1 wit a sword would die wt a sword too,so let justice be prevail i rest my case.

  5. To arrest them Ȋ̝̊̅§ one thing and to torture them till they beg for death is another. The four policemen that came to the scene and left without saving those guys, their generations will suffer the same fate. They are ready to kill at cost even if it is N20 but they cannot rescue innocent lives. Nigerians will not keep quiet until real justice done to that God forsaken people and the so called ALUu community

  6. yes datz good news the students that ured their phone 2 cover the events must b arrested n the students that followed the crowd residents it the area that r not students that took part in the beating should be arrested as well as the indegenes dat took part in dis

  7. anytime the issuee of our belove broda’s who were brutally murderd in ph is on table of dissusion, tears roll out frm my eyes. Let justice take place. Well done IG


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