Buy me a car or forget about wedding: Bride-to-be Tells Fiancé

Few days to their wedding, a 40-year-old-man, Mohammed Abubakar of Hayin Rigasa, on Thursday, dragged his bride-to-be, Umulkair Ja’afar, before a Shari’a Court in Magajin Gari, Kaduna, for alleged assault and intimidation. According to Abubakar’s complaints to the court, the arrangement for the wedding had gone far when Umulkair told him that he must buy her a car before the ceremony could hold.

In his words: “We have started making arrangement of getting married, but she requested that I must buy a car for her before she will marry me… I told her that I don’t have the money because I just bought my new car.” This, Abubakar further told the court, has brought an end to their wedding arrangement.

The complainant further told the court that “After this development, the woman started sending insulting and intimidating text messages to me.” Pointing out that he had witnesses, who would testify on the issue, he continues “I have shown them the messages she has been sending to me. I want to bring them before the court to testify,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Presiding Officer of the court, Ibrahim Inuwa, adjourned the case to October 18, for the continuation of hearing. Also, Umulkair’s side of the story was not heard.


  1. What is dis world turning in2 dat one hv 2 buy a car 4 a lady b4 they could get man that is just an evidence that she didn’t even love u even if she does is 4 d sake of your money or rather your car.So my genuine advice 2 you is nothing but 2 4get her and look 4 some1 that truely love u and get marry 2 her.C make i tell you kwa o…women full everywhere dy find who go even talk 2 dem and u jst dy d worry urself with dt shameless harlot.

  2. IIt baffles me hw pple ar soo quick 2 condemn others..D woman’s side hasn’t bn heard,yet som1 is calling her a harlot..4 Christ sake,wt makes her a harlot? We dnt knw exactly wt happened so pls dnt b quick 2 cast stones
    Bsyds, marriage isn’t by force..If d man must marry her, dn he shuld quietly buy d car n stop announcing 2 d world…n if d man cannot, doznt 1nt 2, he shuld leave d lady alone!!! God will surely bring a beta 1 his way…