Chris Brown’s Dumped Girlfriend Feels Betrayed

She saw it coming though, and she was ready for it, but she isn’t buying Brown’s sh*t that he’s just friends with Rihanna as she already told her friends she’s convinced they were bangin’ behind her back.

Sources close to Karrueche Tran say she feels betrayed by Chris because he had promised her that she was the only woman in his life, especially when she asked him about his feelings toward Rihanna.

A source also said Karrueche had suspected something was fishy as Chris had been acting strangely; going to clubs alone, acting distant and ramping up his public appearances with Rihanna.

Despite Chris’ betrayal, reports say Karrueche told friends she truly loved Chris. She felt that the relationship was great until Rihanna showed up.

There’s something Chris is forgetting, Riri is “just gonna stand there and watch him burn…cos she likes the way it hurts.” Hope you didn’t read the scribble above…just words Eminem and Rihanna used.

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