Corruption: How Transparency International Exposed Jonathan’s Goof! Or Did He Just Lie Outright?

The Presidency would be embarrassed after Transparency International, a global civil society organisation that leads the fight against corruption, denied claims by the president that Nigeria is rated second, next to the United States, in the fight against corruption.

In his Independence Day Address to the nation, President Jonathan had quoted Transparency International as rating his administration’s fight against corruption as second only to America. According to him, “In its latest report, Transparency International noted that Nigeria is the second most improved country in the effort to curb corruption.”

In a similar vein, on Sunday, during the 52nd Independence Anniversary Interdenominational Church Service, held at the National Christian Center Abuja, President Jonathan had also said, “On corruption, Transparency International that has never spared Nigeria, admitted in its latest rating that Nigeria is second to America in her commitment to fight of corruption… God willing we shall overcome it”.

However, Transparency International had in response to an email from Premium Times, denied the claim stating: “Transparency International does not have a recent rating or report that places Nigeria as the second most improved country in the fight against corruption.” This information, it was reported, had brought about some tough time for the media aides of the president. Apparently, they have not properly done their homework, or the president is being too ambitious in trying to impress on the people his achievements, or – and we hope this is the case – Transparency International DID rate Nigeria as such and there is some kind of mix up. The more curious ones will go one and check the website of the organization to see for themselves:

Source: Sun


  1. how did we manage to allow this kind of moron lead us in nigeria? we have better sons and daughters. oh nigeria this is very unfortunate, i hope we have learnt our lessons people should be allowed to rule based on the best candidate. Gej is nigerias worst president. the amount of blood and natural disasters visited on nigeria since his commin to power shows some thing is wrong with his government. only yesterday about 20 young men were slaughtered in mubi! ha! which president can tolerate all these nonsence?? if it were obasanjo nobody dares to misbehave because he will deal with boko haram with iron hand. but now even the army dont respect GEJ so they are not even doing their level best to solve the problem. pls PDP must not rule us again let others come and try abeg

  2. Sir emeka or what ever u call urself,i see no reason why u should criticise GEJ like that.He should not always be blamed for anything bad going on.He is the president those not mean everything will come to us on a platter of gold.Those to be blamed are gov egencies who do not make total use of what they are allocated to,rather they will use part of the money for there up keep and well being of there family.The president should just try to fight corruption in the system.

  3. Lol. When I heard the president say that,I remember wondering if he wasn’t either goofing and/or lying? @Sir Emeka or whatever,if you’re truely some kind of a knight as your title implies,then you’ve known why you should chose your words more carefully and be more subtle when describing the person of our president. He is our President after all! We made him! And besides,morons don’t have PhDs,and if they do,don’t become presidents! Look into history and you’ll agree with me that even America have,at one point or the other in their rich history, produced presidents that could literally be grouped into The Good,The Bad and The pig Ugly! But none of them were morons in the absolute sense! They were simply not good enough,either due to the exigencies of the time or failings in Foreign Policy or the economy, and were simply voted out. Those completing second terms had their incumbent parties totally disgraced and ‘bloody-faced’ at the next polls! So,why break a sweat,when we can simply do the same here?

  4. Sir Emeka(if thats truly your name), you simply are a fool!!!! at what ever age you are…And no doubt a moron by all standards…..I am very sure u cannot even lead your immediate family! prove me wrong by giving us details to verify…Imbecile of the highest order….You probably are a low life so no need of wasting my time on you…..

  5. It sickens me whenever we think of comparing ourselves with United states. Those people are way older than you.

    Anyway, Bafa…. You must have heard of honorary degrees before and for a moron being a president, please find out about George Bush jnr. The guy na dundee. What does it mean to be a moron? When ur IQ is below “normal”

  6. @bafa, kigsley and the don(don of shit and mess) na una papa dey craze so una dey follow spoil this country? am sure una be ijaw bkos na only drink and woman toto una sabi. why man wey b presido go dey tok anyhow? if una get brain for skull like my name una for sabi say the degree na honorary, d president na fool simple. i support sir emeka. ndigbo for president come 2015 so all you modafuking fishermen go back to the creeks.

  7. No need calling names here because it’s rather pathetic,pitiably laughable and regrettably moronic that some over-opinionated commentators on here inundating this thread with vacuous drivels obviously don’t know the distinction between a PhD and an Honorary Doctorate degree! While this writer accepts liabilities for errorneously assuming that all readers are rational,and should readily understand the import of the USA analogy in my comment above,it is still probable that some are and do understand after all! Nuff said.

  8. A sensible leader at any level will question certain information in the context of his environment. Any intelligent President reading that speech before hand would have questioned the hyperbole. I know Obasanjo would have questioned it. What makes Jonathan so easy to deceive inspire of his phd? Since coming to peer almost all his actions have been bumbling actions. Raising fuel price at the beginning of the year, then recently the 5000 naira denomination debacle. Look at the list of people he recently gave national honors, some are known crooks. When criticized he said he would withdraw the awards from the crooks. This President seems confused with a simple mind that is easy to deceive. No wonder Sir Emeka called him a moron. As uncharitable as that sounds, his actions suggest so. And spare me the PhD excuse. He got his BS, MS and PHD from Uniport in Zoology. What research is being done in this school? I question his PHD.

  9. @bafa na you sabi the lousy grammar wen you de try speak here you just dey open dictionary and pick words wen no join. You better go take alomo bcuz na drink dey worry you pikin of a mumu wen be mumu like you modafuker.for una information ndigbo must rule! 8 years from 2015!