Corruption is a Siamese twin with politics in Nigeria – Chief Chris Uche (SAN)

A legal practitioner, Chief Chris Uche (SAN), has said that it would be very difficult for Nigeria to win the current war against corruption given intrinsic relationship between politics and the act.

Uche made this known in an exclusive interview which he granted to the Vanguard. According to him, neither the establishment of a special court to try corrupt persons nor the change of type of government in Nigeria could halt the menace of graft.

For him, corruption and politics cannot be easily separated and it will amount to a waste of efforts and resources by establishing a special court to try suspected corrupt persons without first addressing the forces that promote graft in the country. He says, “We cannot solve the problem of corruption without adopting a holistic approach towards its elimination. Corruption has eaten deeply into the fabric of the nation’s life and it requires corresponding tough measures and political will to uproot it from the foundation.”

He continues: “If you look at the way corruption is practised in Nigeria and the way politics is practised in the country, you will come to the inescapable conclusion that corruption is the oil that lubricates the machinery of politics in Nigeria.

“So, it is a siamese twin with politics in Nigeria. It is extremely difficult to separate corruption from politics in Nigeria. It is difficult to practice politics without corruption in Nigeria and it is very difficult to separate one from the other.”