Couple Growing Cannabis For Charity Jailed

No one cares what good you are doing once they know of a dark side to it. Same is the tale of a British couple who grew cannabis for charity.

Michael Foster and Susan Cooper made hundreds of thousands of pounds from cannabis factory at their Lincolnshire farmhouse, but despite using most of their proceeds to help a Kenyan village they visit regularly, they ended up in jail.

62-year-old Michael Foster and Susan Cooper, 63 were caught by the police when an officer chasing a burglar recognised the distinctive smell. It was described by Lincoln crown court as “the most unusual cannabis growing case of this type”.

The couple paid for life-saving surgery for a villager near Mombasa, Kenya, purchased computers for an eye hospital, and paid for schooling for children, the court heard.

Unfortunately, their philanthropic activity was funded by growing cannabis at their farmhouse in Little Sutton, which was raided by police in 2010.

While he sentenced them both for three years, Judge Sean Morris said they were a respectable couple of positive good character. He said: “You were growing it on a significant scale, jetting off to Kenya on it. I am sure you were doing good things in Kenya with your drugs money, whether that was to appease your conscience, I can only speculate.”

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