Currently Worth Around N17.5bn, Bieber Says Owning A Private Jet “Is A Total Waste Of Money”

He might just be 18-years old but with a fortune estimated at £70 million (N17,570,000,000) – which is set to double in the next two years on the back of a world tour, a movie and the returns from numerous investments – far richer than quite a number of Nigerians who today fly around the globe in private jets, Bieber is a ‘big man.’

I Never Stop Working. In What I Wanted To Do In Music I’ve Never Had Any Fear. But Now I’m At The Top There’s Nowhere To Go But Down; For Me It’s About Staying Standing At The Top,’ Said Justin Bieber

His latest album, Believe, topped the charts in the UK, the U.S. and throughout Europe, and his tour is sold out.

This amazing success has brought him a £4 million, 10,000sq ft house north of LA, a Disney-princess girlfriend, Selena Gomez, and a £500,000 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van customised with three high-definition TVs and a recording studio. About the only thing lacking in his fairy-tale world is a private jet.

‘No way,’ he says emphatically. ‘It’s a total waste of money. You buy the plane, then you have to pay for storage, and on top of that you have to think about the fuel, the cost of the fuel – that’s maybe $4,000 (N628,000)

‘Even hiring a private plane is like 50 or 60K. Once you get into that it becomes a habit – a bad habit.

‘I’ll get one when I need it – if I have to go somewhere instantly – but you don’t want to buy a plane; it’s definitely not worth it.’

Words of wisdom coming from the mouth of a ‘baby’. The nouvea riche in Nigeria don’t want to hear that – owning a private jet to them is the ultimate status symbol but how much are they worth? How many of them can lay claim to their wealth as a result of hard work and honesty?




  • i respect information nigeria alot due to the info they pass, but this justin bieber news is way too lame how can you say justin bieber is richer thatn Africa Richest man..what are you thinking. Bierber worths 70million pounds Aliko Dangote currently worth 11.2 billion dollars chek far and way richer than any american entertainer. he is the richest black person alive..50th richest man in the world so dont ever say justin Bieber is Richer than Dangote.. Pls make your research well before concluding and publishing

  • Abeg oh!mak una try get una facts right,do you know dangote is richer than facebook founder,mark zuckerberg,stop passing out a false info,dangoe is the richest African….he is a billionaire,bieber is jst worth 70million pounds….

  • @ tobi etti @Henry Can’t both of you read? It says “far richer than quite a number of Nigerians who today fly around the globe in private jets”. It never said Dangote. ‘Quite a number’ meaning some and not all. Jheez!

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