“Dino Melaye is a potential HIV carrier, he gave me syphilis” – Nollywood actress

The ‘dirty water’ controversial former Kogi State federal lawmaker, Dino Melaye may have found himself swimming in has taken a new turn. If what we are now getting is anything to go by, then, more troubles await the husband of Tokunbo Melaye.

This is because the ‘activist’ has now been dragged into another controversy, which may be messier than the pregnancy mess he is in with beautiful Yoruba actress, Bisi Ibidapo Obe.

According to what BON reported, an up and coming Yoruba actress has accused the father of three of infecting her with a sexually transmitted disease called Syphilis. She also alleged Dino to be a potential carrier of the dreaded STD called HIV.

BON reported that a budding actress (name withheld) sent a mail to them. A copy of the mail is presented below.

“My name is ——–, I am an upcoming actress and I have featured in over 20 Yoruba films mostly as waka about. Last year, I met one of the big names in the industry who lives in Magodo and she became my friend and we were relating on sister basis. She was very nice to me and she even gave me a role in her movie directed by Muyideen and shot in Omole Estate.

On my birthday last year (2011), she (the big actress) used my picture on her bb (BlackBerry) and Hon. Dino saw it and begged that she hooked us up. She did but told me plain that she was not asking me to date him that the choice was mine.

Hon Dino started wooing me, he will call for long hours and he changed my phone and at one instance gave me N250,000 to change my wardrobe. I asked Hon. Melaye if he was married and he said he was separated as he caught his wife in bed with another man in his matrimonial home.

One thing about Dino is that he hates CD (condom) and the first time we had sex, we argued for over 2hours as I said no to unprotected sex but after some sweet talks, I agreed and we continue like that. It didn’t take long before I started feeling funny and when I told my sister, who was a doctor, she ran some tests on me and told me I had syphilis.

I picked my phone and told Dino. This was the last time he picked my calls and he deleted me from his bbm. If he denies this, I will send you at least 3 of our hotel receipts bearing his name. I am out because I know that there are more greedy girls like me and the rate at which Dino is going, he is a potential HIV carrier. Dino is very smooth and lies come to him easily.

NOTE: The actress asked for her identity to be kept secret.


Source: http://www.nigeriafilms.com/news/19173/48/shocker-dino-melaye-is-a-potential-hiv-carrier-he-.html


  1. subuanAllahi this actress must be Crazy MAD she funIcate with Dino & still have gut to tell us, look if it is TRUE first ask God for forgiveness instead of braging & molesting urself bt if it is a political statement or fight u still have to consult d same DOCTOR OF FORGIVER which is GOD, we dont need ur confession becos if things work d way u want nobody we know dat Dino & u are HIV FOOL

  2. Nigerians unna no get work ! Which politician do you know that does not have affairs outside ? And how does that affect their politics ? In politics its money and connections that’s all ! To the lady I feel for you and can see youy don’t know how to do this you for born the pikin then challenge the man to do paternity test then sue his ass for upkeep ! !! Real mumu

  3. Arrant nonsense! Absolute balderdash! The actress in question is a cheap gold-digger. Why this rubbish? when the going was good she didn’t publicize it; nobody read it in newspapers, social networking sites and blogs. However, she has herself to blame no thanks to her gullible and rapacious disposition.

  4. This must be the handwork of Bisi Ibidapo Obe. Even if the name was witheld. She or one of her useless friends may have done this. However, whoever it may be. Since u said Dino-Melaye infected u with syphilis & that he is a potential HIV carrier , then u that was busy sleeping with him alongside many other men could potentially be carrying more of the HIV virus. The same thing goes for the one who claims she is pregnant for him. Foolish lairs.

  5. This story is a big lie,if bisi is a big girl as she claims she should have quietly have her baby as a ‘parting souvenior’ hahahahhhaa one day Dino will see this baby and he will definetly knw if its his.i mean see his kids in this pix above they all look dino dino dino.so sorry bisi you and your fake friends just blew your chance of getting to knw dino well dats if you knew him at all LOL

    • @merci. Why? Are you trying to incite Mrs Dino. Go and marry and let’s see the idiot who will marry a daft and an intellectual dwarf like you. As for Bisi Ibidapo Obe, you are a shame, a disgrace and a let down to your family, your friends( that’s if you have any responsible one who can tal sense into your nasty head). At your age you go about sleeping with men in “lucky go easy” relationships. You lack self moral discipline. You’re parading yourself as Ibidapo Obe and even had the guts to refer to highly reverred VC of UNILAG as your relation in an ace TV programme ‘Idan Irawo’ during which you vomitted all the filty controversies surrounding you.I believe strongly from these incidents that you’re a gutter child.Is this how you got your cheap stardom? Money for hand back for bed or na ordinary floor sef. You’re a disappointment to the entire yoruba movie industry and the Oodua race. Omo ale ti o niran nio.

  6. Dino was a well known womanizer when he was in the NASS, how come most of the comments are now geared towards blaming the girl “you committed fornication and dare come tell us here”. I still wonder what’s wrong with us Nigerians. If Dino gave the girl syphilis he should go and treat her and himself, if he didn’t he should challenge the girl to come out with prove. Not have rabble rousers rush to his defense as if he was some sort of priest or something

  7. This even if we look at this in otherwise that ur story is 2ru,as an influencial man Dino is, could have derived a mean to curb the story 4rm coming on air,so this said actress should seek another extra-curriculm activities as a professon instead of being causing this political maligna that she is into.

  8. so your having syphilis & hiv may be your even pregnant. Your case is a big one. befor we trite it you have to unmask your face. Look Dino is jahyent to you. You can make case with him. Is written in the bible don’t make case with big man. hand everything to God if you no that your poor

  9. The ladies in question should go to hell and spend their eternity rosting. Afterall the man in question did not rape them. My advice to them is that whenever the name senseless prostitude is been mention,they should answered ‘present’ shikanaa Ashawo banzaa….

    • @mikky.ibrahim Coorreect. Dino did not rape any of those whores. That Bisi Ibidapo Obe should stop tarnishing the Ibidapo Obes. She thinks bleaching and looking like over ripe mango is what makes a woman and flaunting her sick yansh is what will take her to the moon. I know she can mate a dog for just 1000 Dollars.Shameless cheap dogs!

  10. wow! i’ve not had a gud laugh 4 long now with all dis flood and killings in 9ja nice one thx 4 making me laugh my lungs out.No go use all that plenty money oga give u treat ur self make sure u also go 4 HIV test to stay there dey blackmail and oga u self hold body now u are suppose 2 be a leader and a father pls grow up.

  11. Anybody that bliv this messy story is a fool. I continue to wonder when will Nigerians wise up. Dino ko Dano ni. I dont know him but if the foolish publisher can publish Dino’s name y cant the fool publish the bitch’s name. rubbish, bitch please

  12. Shame  tђξ idiot politician, its our money the useless people α̲̅rε̲̣ using to flex, carry women and Ãƪƪ sort of things. To Ibidapo Obe, A̶̲̥̅♏ highly dissapointed in Ɣ☺ΰ, I never expect a big and popular lady like Ɣ☺ΰ to fall into such victim, anyway, ƍ☺ and deliver safely and take care of Ųя bastard child, though, its the style of Ãƪƪ actresses to be snatching peoples husband. This useless lady that claim Melaye gave her syphillis, she must be a fool, did Ɣ☺ΰ tell Ʋڪ Ųя gain but u α̲̅rε̲̣ n̶̲̥̅̊o̲̣̥w̶̲̥̅̊ publisizing the pain, Ɣ☺ΰ better ƍ☺ and take care of urself. Ãƪƪ actress α̲̅rε̲̣ full of ashawos. Nonsense.

  13. you are a slut. sleeping arround . reveal you identity you whore so we know you. stupid idiot running happy homes. get yourself a dog to be fucking you everyday whore. he deleted you because you are a cum rag. and you are now to dirty for a rag. so get you self a dog. you were calling him to suck him off and he rejected it now you make up stories. you see him , he is a happy amn with lovely family. if you are responsible why dont you get your own man and humping rrounf with unavailabble men. i know there are many others you are serving as cum rag to. not only him but get you self a dog to lick and fuck you effected hole ebvey time whore. i dont know u ad i dont know dino.but i hate you and you parents. if your aprents were responsiblme they wont present womeone like tyou to our society. like mother like daughter. you mother must be a whore too if she has not dies from hiv. to hell with you and all your well wishers. u desarve death.

  14. As 4 me i dnt believe any part of d story, the publishers thougt we are fools. can u imagine? hw can u pubish such a grievous report with the name of the reporter witheld? wot do u want us to do with dat? IF U WANT ME TO BELIEVE GIVE EVIDENCE.

  15. This story is unfounded, a receipt as evidence of hotel visit bearing the name of the accused (Dino Melaye) is not enough and not even tenable in court. Receipts can easily be forged or written. In an hotel they don’t ask for your identity before they write your receipt, they believe whatever name you give them is right. Even if the accusation is true, why is it just coming out now most especially as he just started fighting a public figure for our sake. Why didn’t the so called actress raise the alarm immediately when such happened to her? All of these are just distraction from the fact that we should all face. Also, if this was true, the personal/private life of this man does not have any bearing with the fight of removal of a personality, its all politics.

  16. Hmmm,so all u are saying is dino is a righteous man abi,he is d second jesus.is better to keep quiet on somtine u dnt knw anytin abt,we all knw dat top politicians do furnicate.I pity d women among who make all dis coments.but I bet u continue with ur aristo business one day ur own story will also be lik dis too.