Divorce In The House Of God: “I Will Marry My Husband Again In A Heart Beat” – Esther Benenoch

“…And the man shall leave his parents and cling to his wife… therefore what God has joined together, let no MAN put ASSUNDER! (emphasis mine) Preachers of the word of God are also supposed to be the doers but recent happenings in the house of God reveal that is not the case. Some couple of months ago, cerebral pastor and politician, Chris Okotie separated from his second wife of less than 5 years and while we were still yet to come to terms of his separation, another ‘man of God, Bishop David Benenoch of Communion Church, Lagos, is on the verge of divorcing his wife of 20 years, Pastor Esther Benenoch.

In a show of unwavering faith in God and staunch belief in the institution of marriage, the embattled pastor wrote among others, ‘One of the best decisions i have made in life is being married to my husband, it’s one thing am glad and grateful to God for’ in a blog post titled ‘No Regrets’. Here’s the full post on her blog unedited:

Regret is an emotion that we should not give our selves to as believers. For as an emotion it does not take us far with God neither does it give us the spiritual results that we seek.   Feelings of remorse is temporal and has it’s foundation in the flesh, it is carnal and therefore can not please God.  king Saul regreted his actions in not killing king Agag and sparing some the cattle and sheep. His remorse was fleeting and not heart felt because first he blamed the people and he did to save face or gain respect from Samuel and the people.

Judas Iscariot also regreted his selling his Lord Jesus for 30 pieces  of silver, but he went and comitted suicide after wards . In Matthew 27vs3 ”when Judas who had betrayed him, and saw that Jesus was condemned he was seized with remorse and returned the 30 silver coins to the chief priests and elders” In vs5  it is written  ”so Judas threw the money into the temple and left. Then he went away  and hanged himself.”  This is the result of regret – this how far it can go, hopelessness, dispaire, and destruction.  The reason for this simple, regret stems from the wisdom of the world, it is carnal, soulish  and therefore lacks the power to save or transform us.

One of the best decisions i have made in life is being married to my husband, it’s one thing am glad and grateful to God for. As achievements go, while many women are fighting to make a name for themselves, with all sincerity and i believe it, my greatest achievement would have been my husband and my family, nothing fills me with joy as being mrs esther benenoch. It may not sound like much, but for it is a big part of my destiny. I know what you are thinking that may be that’s why this has befallen me, i still do not regret it, God is faithful.
And so inspite of all that is going on i do not, and will never regret saying i do to my husband, and i will do it again in a heart beat even though i do not understand all that is going on right now.  But my marriage is a walk of faith; much like my walk  with this awesome wonderful Lord of my life, Jesus. I take seriously the word of God ”the just shall live by faith and not by sight.”

For this reason i say no to regret, and yes to mourning and repentance.
Yes to mourning and repentance because it is of the Spirit of God and it brings transformation .
Regret —–no, because regret is false religion having a form of godliness but denying the power of God to save to the uttermost.
Repentance—-yes, for it admits the powerlessness of self,and wholly acknowledges and depends upon the power of God to save.
Regret—-no, for it is temporal and often like a dog goes back to it’s vomit. It is mere words and letters and often kills–like judas, see psalm76vs34-36.
Repentance—yes, it is action ,obedience,humility,brokenness and admission that i am helpless without God.  Repentance definitely yes— because it causes my heart to follow hard after God who alone upholds me with righteous right hand—-Psalm63vs8.
repentance –yes,because it causes my heart to sing” O God my help in ages past,my hope for years to come.”

Repentance—yes, because it says with a broken heart  to my God and my mercy–”to whom shall  i go to, you alone have the words of eternal life.”
Repentance –yes, because it causes my heart to sing,” great is your mercy and faithfulness,your loving kindness is better than life.” It  praises the God of second chances, and says to Him,”create me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me, cast me not away from your presence.”
Regret—no, For it walks away in defeat, but with a hard heart, unyielded, impatient to wait upon the God of all flesh who causes all things to work together for the good of all those who love Him and are called by His purpose.
Repentance–yes, as it waits in hope upon Him who makes all things new and says to the Lord—‘Lord when you said to my heart seek me, my heart says to you, your face O Lord will i seek, for my goodness comes only from you.

Repentance—yes, It brings you face to face before the Lord with whom we have to deal and keeps you there until He turns your mourning into joy and dancing again, until He lifts your sorrows,so you can no longer stay silent; but sing and dance and rejoice for His joy has come. Repentance and mourning cleanses the soul, as through tears and brokenness, you recount the countless blessings of God, His righteous acts of salvation, help,deliverance, and trust Him for new blessings.

Regrets —No, for it blames God and others and does not remember past blessings, neither is grateful.
Job did not regret, neither did David they mourned and repented for for failures and mistakes. You are a child of  God, do not regret, His love is greater and stronger than our mistakes and Failures. There is no need or room for regret in a believers life, that’s the way of the world.  I leave you with these words of encouragement; in Acts the bible encourages ”repent and be saved[delivered] that times of of refreshing may come,, then Matthew 5vs4 ”Blesssed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted’

Lord teach us to mourn and live a life of repentance on this side of eternity so that our weaknesses, failures, mistakes will not prevail against us, and we can be every thing you have called us to be; a people of power and praise,holiness so we will show the praises of Him who has called out darkness into His marvelous light on earth.


  1. Wow! All I can say is, this came from the depth of wisdom and insight. This generation needs more women like this. This is a difficult time where all you can do Pastor is hope. Lord bless our homes!


  3. I love them both, I pray day and night that this cup passes over them. Even though I know not what is going on, but I see two people that truly love and respect each other. God take control.

  4. Quite unfortunate that the people that should be a mirror to young married couple are the ones fallen apart. Goes to tell me that this pastor or whatever name they bore is all nonsense. If your not called by God, you only live in deceit for a while. As human being we are bound to eer. But the question is what do I preach to couple facing difficulty in their marriage if I can’t manage my home? These so called men of God are FAKES period. Sister please take heart if your hand is clean, God will place you in higher ground.

  5. A lot of times we forget that Pastors and Pastors wives are a targets for the devil..My dear in heaven you will not be Mrs Ben Enoch…even if you didn’t go through a divorce..you will not be Mrs Ben Enoch in heaven..am sure you know that…

    Matthew 22:29 Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.
    30 For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.

    In heaven you will not have children….you will not share the mansion in heaven with your husband

    pursue destiny and believe God that your marriage will be restores unless the Bishop is under a spell or in error this is of the devil….


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