Ecuadorian Footballer Sees Red After Pretending To ‘Shoot’ Teammate In Goal Celebration

A footballer who mimed shooting a teammate dead as part of an elaborate goal celebration found himself promptly rewarded with a red card.

Ecuadorian player Fidel Martinez, 22, pretended to gun down team-mate Dubier Riascos after he scored for Mexico’s Tijuana during a match against rivals Toluca.

After scoring in the 50th minute and taking his team to the top of the tables, Riascos was joined by teammates Martinez – number 11 – and Alfredo Moreno – number 9 – for an extended goal celebration.

The three players began dancing before Martinez ‘executed’ Riascos by raising both hands up in the shape of two guns and aiming them at Riascos.

As Martinez mock fired the guns, Riascos played dead and started falling to the ground. Once down on the pitch, Riascos followed up the unusual display with some retro dancing by performing the worm – blissfully unaware his fellow player Martinez was being shown the red card by referee Jose Alfredo Penaloza.

Penaloza later reduced the punishment to a yellow card and allowed the midfielder back on the pitch.

Such celebrations are frowned upon in Mexico where there is serious gun crime and around 15,000 murders a year.

The Mexican league president said that celebrations should be ‘friendly and fun’. FIFA has also attempted to crack down on some of the more enthusiastic celebrations by players, such as removing football shirts or dropping their shorts.

-Daily Mail

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