Elechi Amadi Defends Aluu Community, Says Nigerians Are Demonising Aluu

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THE story of the murder of four students of University of Port Harcourt  (UNIPORT) on October 5 at Omuokiri-Aluu community continued,  last week, with the parade of thirteen suspects by the police at its headquarters in Port Harcourt, Rivers State capital.

Among those paraded was the paramount ruler of Omuokiri-Aluu community, Alhaji Hassan Walewa. The suspects were later charged alongside others at large at a magistrate court in Port Harcourt on  a five-count charge which included conspiracy and murder.

The court adjourned the matter to December 20. Magistrate of the court, Emanuel Woke, said his court lacked jurisdiction to entertain the case because of its nature. He directed that the case file be handed over to the Director of Public Prosecution for legal advice and the accused be remanded in prison custody.  The charges were read to them but no plea taken.

Meantime, literary icon, Captain Elechi Amadi (rtd),  has absolved his Aluu community of complicity in the killing of the four students.

Amadi said Aluu is made up of nine clans, adding that the students were murdered  in  one of the clans nearest to UNIPORT. According to him, the part where the sad incident occurred is inhabited by strangers. He said Aluu community marked that area out for sale to strangers to erect residential buildings and student hostels.

Besides  the traditional ruler the others arrested by the police, according to him,  were strangers. The novelist maintained that the police merely arrested the paramount ruler of Omuokiri-Aluu  as part of their routine exercise.

He said the media had chosen to demonise indigenes of Aluu over a sad incident they had no hand in Amadi, said the police should go ahead to prosecute any Aluu son or daughter found to have been involved in the brutal murder of the students.  Continuing, he said there was no way indigenes of the area could break into the mob to rescue the students, adding that the police got there  but did nothing. Excerpts:

What  is your comment on the killings  in Omuokiri-Aluu community?
Our press statements are never carried properly. The impact of our message is lost during the translation. What we are saying is that Aluu indigenes were not involved in the killing of the four students.

The killings occurred in one of the villages of Aluu. There are nine villages in Aluu. They occurred in the village nearest to the university, in an area allocated to strangers for residential building. No Aluu man was involved.


The only person arrested was the paramount ruler of the village. That was a routine thing. When things like this happen, they ask the  paramount ruler where he was when it occurred.  But all the others arrested are not Aluu indigenes.

What effort did Aluu indigenes make to stop the killings?
How could they when it was happening in a part of the town where there are no indigenes. And it was early in the day or thereabouts.

But  it would not have been possible for Aluu indigenes within the neighbourhood not to be aware of the happenings  in this age?

But the police were there. So how can an unarmed citizen go to the mob to stop them? The police were there. Infact one of the sisters of the slain students said the police were there and one of them told the mob to deal with them. So there was nothing anybody could do.

The natives of Aluu are being demonised. They are making devils of us. It is believed that we killed the students. But we did not. Let the police investigate the matter thoroughly; publish the names of the suspects so that the bereaved parents will know those behind it.

But  how come Aluu will allocate a portion of its land entirely to strangers with no indigene living in the area?
The question you asked shows you are already prejudiced. This is the trouble with the press, they already have a stand. They refuse to look at the other side.

It was one of the questions from readers since Aluu came up with the story that none of its indigenes  was involved in the killing…?

No Aluu indigene lives in that area. They have their compounds in Aluu where they live. So when you sell land it is the person that you sold to that lives there. It so happened that in that portion strangers have been buying and building. No Aluu man lives there.

Elechi Amadi

What if any Aluu indigene is linked to the killings?
He should be dealt with, prosecuted.

But the paramount ruler has been arrested in connection with the incident?
People just imagine things. How will they parade people to an old man, people he did not know? These are strangers in the place. People just imagine things.

You know where the paramount ruler lives?
Very far from where it happened.

Suspects speak
The police allowed three of the suspects  to speak to journalists when they paraded them at the police headquarters in Rivers State. Two of them said the police arrived Omuokiri-Aluu community before the murder.

One of them, Mr David Chinasa Ugbaje, said he saw two police men when the four students were being beaten, adding that one of them pleaded that the boys should be set free. Continuing, he said the other policeman joined the mob  in beating the students.

Ugbaje, a cobbler, said the four students were first marched to his compound to confirm their story that they came to see one Bright. But when they got there, Bright’s door was locked. Immediately, according to him, those around started beating them. He said he and other neighbours in the compound had to push the riotous mob out of the compound when it became clear that the mob wanted to lynch them there.

His words, “I was arrested as a result of what happened in Aluu. Around 7a.m.  on that day, I left my house and went to my workplace. I saw a crowd beating four boys. I asked who the four men being beaten were and they said they were armed robbers.  I was told they were going to my compound with the boys so they could   point at the particular person who they said they were coming to look for.

“So, along the line, we went there, I opened the gate; they entered. I could not control the crowd. They pointed at one of our co-tenants door; the name of the person is Bright. Some people say they would break Bright’s door; but the door was locked. So they started beating the boys very seriously.

“Along the line, two police men came around. One of the police was pleading but the other one even joined in beating the boys. At a point, the police said the boys should be handed over to them,  but the crowd refused. I now said if they kill these  people here, this house will be in trouble. I had to bring out my belt to start flogging people to leave the yard.

“They took them out from my street. I now left the house. The two other suspects, Ikechuckwu Louis Amadi and Lawal Segun,  in their separate comments, said they saw police men at the scene of the incident. Lawal, a taxi driver, said he was not part of the mob that murdered the students.  He alleged that he pleaded with the mob to release them.

On his part, Amadi said he saw four police men while the students were being beaten, adding that the angry mob insisted they were not going to release the boys to the policemen.  The slain students were Ugona Kelechi Obuzor, a year two geology student, Biringa Chiadika Lordson, year two  theatre arts student,  Mike Lloyd Toku, year two civil  engineering student, and Tekena Erikena.

Source: Vanguard Newspapers

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  1. To Elechi Amadi. Pls dis is not a dis is not a drama scene were u’ll come and write a play dat’s no relevant, if u don’t know what to say concerning dis issue go and think what to write for JSS3 students to buy and read so they can perform in der xam.

  2. Its rather unfortunate that in recent times we have seen people who are supposed to be respected statesmen coming out to make utterances that cast doubt on their sanity or is it that everyone in Nigeria irrespective of age, educational status or position has gone mad? How can Elechi Amadi come out and tell us strangers living in his community killed those boys? Are we kids? Let’s not also forget the reason why the community head was paraded is because the mob confessed he gave the order for the boys to be lynched or is your community head a stranger too? I ask you Mr. Elechi? Your people did a terrible thing and the least all of you can do right now is accept responsibility and appologise to th spirits of those kids because you guys will never go free of what happened that dark day of 5th October, 2012. Who in Nigeria doesn’t know how wicked and evil ekwere people are?,especially to people of Igbo heritage! I really urge you all to seek God urgently because I can see even you sir, are very evil, not even a show of remorse or regret from you?! Instead you come out to defend your people?! I can’t believe this!

  3. Mr elechi U̶̲̥̅̊‎​​ α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ stupid i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ short I dont even ve words to describe Ђǿw I feel pertaining to wat U̶̲̥̅̊‎​​ α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ saying, I J̲̥̅̊u̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊t̲̥̅̊ wish dat U̶̲̥̅̊я̩̥̊ children cud be killed i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ broad day light Α̲̅Ω̴̩̩̩̥d̶̲̥̅ burn to death wen d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ did not do anytin.its not U̶̲̥̅̊я̩̥̊ fault I won’t blame U̶̲̥̅̊‎​​,rather I wil blame d soft hearted student of uniport, if it were M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ skul by now dat U̶̲̥̅̊я̩̥̊ EVIL ALUU clan or watever U̶̲̥̅̊‎​​ call it wud ve been a grave yard. U̶̲̥̅̊‎​​ α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ not only useless but foolish Α̲̅Ω̴̩̩̩̥d̶̲̥̅ hopelessly stupid.did U̶̲̥̅̊‎​​ hear wat happened to one of d parents of dose murdered boys?U̶̲̥̅̊‎​​ α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ indeed an evil witch.

  4. The death of 4 at Omuokiri in Aluu is painful one, condemnable before heaven and earth. But we should be Careful with what we say. The three stories I have heard about the incident have left wondering where to place the truth. It also tells us how lawless we are in the country.

  5. Martins Eleshi,ur being stingy with the truth,how can u say a whole clan in a community hs been marked out for strangers,cos the babaric act happened there!I believe you are looking stories to wrtie in ur book u want to publiSh for the primary school pupils.
    Am ashamed thAt your talking like this,I feel so pity for you and ur people!cos Aluu is a cursed land!

  6. I’m happy to hear that the case is adjourned to december 20th. The muderers will suffer till their death. For me any1 from Aluu should be arrested, meanwhile the murderes will continue to have sleepless night and lack of peace.

  7. hmmmm, mr. Anadi or what eva u cal urself. So dis is wat u do with ur God givn talent. But u can neva cover d truth. Hw can u say dat. Dis is just lyk saying dat dere is no foreiner in 9ja. May God 4giv u 4 wat u just told d press. But d wicked can neva go unpurnishd. Aluu is a cursed land. Dis story has gone world wide nd any youth corper dat heard d story wil nt b wilin 2 serve at ur comunity. God, i neva new carnibalism stil exists.

  8. Ikwerre people worldwide are known to be extra evil. They sell their land many times over and still continue to torment buyers as their landlord, son of the soil, indigenes. They are even converting the entire 23 LGAs of Rivers State into so called Greater Port Harcourt development Authority so that only themselves will sell the land. That explains why OBJ said they have K LEG’.So that every where will not be RUMU. Come 2015 they will leave govt house forever and the killings will stop.

  9. at last elechi amadi has spoken & he has defended his people as expected. Victoria u have said it all but he should read his masterpiece the great ponds which he says is set in aluu which portrays the barbarity of his people until influenza wiped them out. His support of the vampire chief & the execution of tekena lloyd ugonna & chidiaka will unleash a similar fate on aluu as a whole. Maybe that will provide material 4 another literary masterpiece from the literary icon if he’s alive 2 tell the tale!

  10. that a portion or a whole clan is designated or allocated to the strangers is a prove that the people of Aluu are VERY hostile to strangers and these exactly is what they have demonstrated physically,hmmm…! what a caused land. secondly, the Aluu indegene who was the chief of Aluu gave order to strangers to killed strangers abi and you think we all can be fooled like the aluu idiots. Oga am sorry to say, u should even be writing for anybody to read because these nonsense u said shows you are only misleading anybody who read your script.

  11. Very unfortunate to hear this from one regarded as a role model. Shows me in totality how mans heart is evil. Four bubbling young boys wasted under a circumstance everyone should be weeping to day and night. As a mother I pray daily for the parents and the soul of the dead lads. But this man Elechi is chatting what igbo call (nshi) shi_ I wish him what he Elechi Amadi is wishing the murdered boys. God is in heaven as their cry gets to Him. Aluu community will know no peace until judgement is served. Rest in peace my sons.

  12. Look at what somebody’s father is saying with the mouth God gave to him. You just said that the Aluu ruler didn’t know those young guys, so therefore they should be killed. Which means that strangers are killed in Aluu community.
    How can a whole clan be sold to strangers to build hostels for students. Does that mean that Aluu community don’t know good business when they see one? Pls, Mr. Amadi where are the real indigenes of this particular clan? Since you said that they have all sold there inheritance.
    Infact, Mr. Elechi Amadi should be under rest.
    That guy that said that he sent the mob out of his compound with just his belt would have been able to save this boys with that same belt if they were his sons.
    Anybody arrested in the murder of those boys should die a slow death. Because those boys saw there death before they gave up the ghost.
    May there gentle soul rest in peace. Amen.

  13. This man is a complete idiot. If u dont close ur basket mouth u will suffer 4 ur misguided utterances. May ur sons will meet the same fate in Jesus name. Amen

  14. Mtcheww,amadi or what d fuck you cal urself u are a very big fool for what you are sayin I wish make ur children is involve of this four guys stupid people rubbish

  15. Elechi Amadi should be told that, the slain students were taking to the paramount ruler and he gave the order which lead to the killing of the boys. He (Elechi) is educated and should think carefully before defending his community, because we all are not fools. No community will used total strangers as vigilant group.

  16. Did you just wake up from coma, are following the ALUU 4 story? it better be no ! cause you have no idea about what you saying. Do you feel the pain of other parents. I am not a nigerian and barely watching the video just make me wish all ALUU community and the entire peolpe consume by fire and burn like SODOM and GOMORAH. My Elechi or what ever they call you, you be the first to be deep fried before the rest of Allu clan for what you just said. If God was like human, do you think you would have even got the chance to speak. Thank God is God. Oyaa Mr. Elichi go wash your mouth and repent before worst thing begin to befall on your people. Make know mistake, all involved persons will receive equal or more justice. Expect execution by electric chair, head cut off, peel their bodies like oranges, hang them by their dick, lethal injection, gas chamber, firing squard, and as for the woman involed, she is going to get raped by all the guys in the jail till she passed out and after that, she will be roasted like grilled chicken. No mercy. This is what we all wished on you carnibals. May the soul of these innocent guys rest in peace. For their parents, may God give you the strengh to bear this unbearable situation. I really really feel for you guys and i will ride with you till we see justice. I am one voice but I speak louder than million voices. PEACE NYC.

  17. What do you mean he needs to apologized to the boys spirit this man got to be killed, he will never live to see the fruit of his labour he is such a stupid heartless man his children will experience the same thing or something worse. This man needs death penalty. You shall perish. How on heart would four boys be killed like that and you think he can get away from it. You will suffer forever.

  18. Am short of words, God where are you? This is heartbreaking, who will carry a child nine good months, delivered him/her nurtured and tranined up to be an undergraduate of a well known University that would be happy to see these young vebrant, full of bright furture and life died just like that, in the hands of envious people. Infact that community need to be wiped out of existence. Hence they don’t welcome foreigners and visitors, anyone that pays visit to their town, they tag that person as thief. The spirit of those innocent boys will never rest untill their killers a brought to book.

  19. Mr elechi.
    No community uses strangers as vigilante. Also strangers will not just kill people without the consent of the aluu indigenes or aluu chief.
    Secondly, the community head gave the order for the boys to be killed.
    Your argument is baseless and I am so disappointed at you.
    And to think that you actually wrote books many Nigerians read.
    You are a disgrace.

  20. mr or chief elechi, its like the eye goggle u re are wearing doesnt see clearly wat ur community murderers did to those innocent boys,what will u do or feel if u were involve or your only son is among the slain boys, the story would ve been the reverse. u re no longer a statesman in rivers state but to ur barbaric, cannibalistic community called ALUU. your age is making ur brain go mushy.primary school lecturer.

  21. instead of seeing the families of the slain boys, u re here opening ur wide mouth to say rubbish, how could a learned man like u not check ur words before uttering them, i even wonder if those un-intresting books u wrote were written by u. you guys should go and call prophet T.B.Joshua to come and cleanse that evil Aluu grounds. stupid fraternity man.

  22. @elechi amadi, instead of seeing the families of the slain boys to express ur bitterness and sendind condolences, u re here opening ur wide mouth to say rubbish, how could a learned man like u not check ur words before uttering them, i even wonder if those un-intresting books u wrote were written by u. you guys should go and call prophet T.B.Joshua to come and cleanse that evil Aluu grounds. stupid fraternity man.u too would ve beaten the boys if u were there. bad man na bad man.

  23. I wouldn’t insult you (Elechi Amadi) but I’m just shocked at the comment you made. For people to kill young children like that it then means they have killed before cos dt act cnt be performed one day. It means they have been doing it since. This is evil to the highest order. Do you know what it takes to kill a dog? Not to talk of a human being. Even if they stole hw mch? Billions cannot cure cancer till today not to talk of to make a human. What did they gain after killing them. Such comment can cause war in the olden days. Thank GOD for civilization.

  24. May I dutifully lend my voice to the unintelligent submission of this primary school fiction writer-elechi amadi to the brutal termination of 4 promising. Young men of uniport. Mr amadi has always been a confused man whose sanity has failed him. Please recall he could not explain the meaning of his name-elech before the oputa panel. To be sure,he is suffering from degeneration and selective illusion.

  25. Amadi is a fool, Icon my foot. May ur generation suffer the same fate. The idiot (Amadi) was even there when the act was carried out, what did mr icon did to prevent the act? I bet his son or grand son was the useless idiot dat raised the alarm of thief. They should be burned the same way the guys were burnt. No life sentence, no firing squard and no hanging. RIP Aluu 4

  26. dis incident is so shocking and painful.fr me the suspects should be burnt alive with candle starting from their feet.heartless beast.that community should b punished fr allowin such to prevail there.

  27. What a pity.Mr Elechi should av kept quiet about this issue when he knew there was nothing tangible for him to say.Just see how all these concerned people are insulting u just becos u didnt check yr words b4 uttering them.Had it been a relative of yrs was among those students murdered,will u still utter d same nonsense?Do u know those boys were some people’s sons?I even hear one of d mothers is dead becos of this issue!And u are there uttering nonsense.With all the respect u av accumulated 4 yrself all these years,see how everything crumbled within seconds!

  28. Evil men did live before them not after them,,,,eveybody know that this ekwere people are heartless,but this is the way God wants to show world.If am the Jugde that will jugde this case;every chief and the traditional ruler of this useless comminity will be persecuted,Reason;the so called vigilant groupe was lienced by you people so if there is anything they commited.You will be hold responsible.Again,it high time most of the laws change in Nigeria,how can people take laws into their hands,are there not any police station around this area,even if they are theives,why cann,t the so call Aluu”Abormination”in Igbo language call the police.The case is very simple since they said it is stranger that the land has been sold that commited the atocity,fine untill they provide those strangers the traditional ruler will not release and should be brought to book.Actually,am not in Nigeria,but i was very shocked when i watch it on CNN,even one Mrs Biringa said she will not bear the lost of his child,who knows where this will leads her into in future?


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