Emir Of Birnin Gwari Fingers Police Officer In Dogon Dawa Pre-Dawn Massacre

A senior police officer has been fingered among the robbers who went on a shooting spree and killed 23 people in Dogon Dawa village of Kaduna State on Sunday, Emir of Birnin Gwari Alhaji Zubairu Jibril Mai Gwari said yesterday.

The robbers launched a pre-dawn attack on the village apparently to free their four detained colleagues arrested by vigilante days earlier. They killed the village head, one of his sons, some neighbours as well as nine worshippers coming out of a mosque.

Photo Credit: Leadership

Mai Gwari spoke yesterday when he received visiting Governor Patrick Yakowa, General Officer Commanding (GOC), 1 Mechanised Division, the state Police Commissioner and the Director of State Security Service (SSS).

He said the police officer in question led the team of armed robbers to Dogon Dawa, and urged authorities to prosecute him.

“Since I made my statement in public and before the governor and other security chiefs, I know what I am saying. The police officer who my people and the armed robbers call OC led the gang to massacre my people,” the emir said.

“He has also attempted to stop the arrest of the four suspected armed robbers when the Dogon Dawa vigilante went to arrest them. After the Dogon Dawa vigilante had arrested the four suspects, the same OC followed them in a car and attempted to rescue the four suspects.

“In the same vein, when the gang of the armed men came to Dogon Dawa, the same OC directed the gang. He showed them the places to attack. Some of my people heard the members of the gang calling his name, OC, but he cautioned them to stop calling him with his popular name, OC.

“This is why I would personally ensure that the man is investigated and prosecuted for massacre because what happened at Dogon Dawa was massacre. The issue is not an issue of transferring the officer, it is an issue of taking the officer to court and (having him) prosecuted, which I would personally ensure” he added.

-Daily Trust



  1. Na wa ooooooo! What is nigeria police turning into? Promoting evil…… If not arm robbery, is conspiracy and killing those they are suppose to protect it’s a shame. God will punish all u evil cops. God help Nigeria.

  2. Come to think of it where do these robbers get the sophisticated guns they use if not from police sources? The army are too honorable and strictly supervised to indulge in this unwholsome and wicked acts, but every now and then you see police men carelessly carrying weapons issued to them and even strolling on the streets! A time will come when a jihad will start against all policemen anyone of them found will be caught and slaughtered

  3. By posterity historical deligence and anlysis, the SSS still remain the best behaved and professional security apparatus we have in the country. Why is this happening in our dear country…measures must be put in place to checkmate all these unstable characters in the entire security system

  4. Not [email protected] I’m doubting the Emir……If d OC actually prevented or made attempts to free the suspects then he’s also a suspect….bt if only on the account of his name been mentioned @ d crime scene,the bandits can set him up by mentioning his name knowing fully well that the victims knows him….n pls I don’t think armed robbers or their likes would ever want their names mention during an operation,that’s y dey all have nic names….food 4 tot….