EU Gives FG €260m To Improve Governance

Minister of National planning, Shamsuddeen Usman

The European Union has given the Federal Government of Nigeria 260 million euros to improve governance.

The head of the EU delegation, Ambassador David Macrae said the two projects for which implementation would commence in 2013 and run till 2017 are aimed at improving governance, public service delivery and accelerating economic progress in 14 states in the country.

Macrae added that reduction of violence and insecurity in the country is part of the main target of the five year project, as well as scale up intervention plans that will reduce risks to lives and poverty. The programmes will also build capacities in public finance management and will be implemented with the support of the World Bank, Unicef and the benefiting state governments.

Minister of National planning, Shamsuddeen Usman while signing the agreement with the EU said the programmes would also tackle problems such as flooding in the benefiting states which include Anambra, Yobe, Jigawa, Delta, Edo, Bayelsa and Abia among others.


  1. How i wished nigerian government wl judiciously use this money! The problem is that those in power of using it may hav there personal interest and most be fulfild first before our national problem.

  2. Hahaha,this e.u pipu no get sense at all,1.u want to give them money to fight against insecurity?dem go use am buy gun and keep it for 2015 election,see make me i advice u,our little dimeji bankole get money past u,he can even give u times 2 to improve ur own projects.stop wasting ur money mumu e.u.