Expert Advices Women On Dangers Of Douching

In a bid to control cervical cancer in the country, a medical expert, Dr Halima Danjuma, has warned women not to indulge in cleaning their reproductive organs by themselves.

She said the practice which is called douching, will expose them to infections.

Researchers Think That Douching Might Set The Stage For Cancer

Danjuma, who stated this in an interview last Thursday at Sabon Wuse, Suleja, said there is no need for douching as every female reproductive tract has its own natural cleansing mechanism.

According to her, every woman that has had sex at least once should undergo vaginal examination every three years to rule out such diseases as cervical cancer, which is also caused by sexually transmitted infection.

While declaring that 1.4 million women are dying from cervical cancer and most of them are in developing countries of the world, Danjuma stated that cervical cancer remains the second commonest cancer among women in the country.

She gave assurances that the disease is 100 per cent preventable at its precancerous stages in the mouth of the womb (cervix) when detected early and treated before it progresses later into cancer between five and 20 years.

The medical expert said the pre-cancerous changes on the mouth of the womb gives no symptom or sign such as bleeding or foul discharge but can only be detected through visual examination of the cervix or pap- smear test.

“In fact, cancers give no sign or symptoms. By the time signs and symptoms start to show, the cancer would have reached an advanced stage and it is no more curable,” she affirmed.

She implored every woman to be vigilant and to fearless advocate against cervical cancer, which she said shows up in women between the ages of 35 and 55 years, because of low awareness in the community.

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