Face Of Mindless Killers Of Aluu4: Police Parade Suspects In Portharcout [Photos]

The Police, Tuesday paraded the suspected killers of the four students of the University of Port Harcourt at Omuokiri-Aluu in Rivers state.

The Police Commissioner spoke Tuesday at the Police Headquarters in Port Harcourt, while parading the suspects. Three of the suspects, who were allowed to field questions from newsmen, confessed that policemen arrived Omuokiri-Aluu community before the four students were murdered.

One of the suspects, Mr David Ugbaje, said he saw two policemen when the four students were being beaten, adding that one of them pleaded that the boys should be set free.

He said the other policeman joined the mob in beating the students.
According to him, the four students were accused of robbery, adding that the mob marched the four students to a compound on Coca-Cola Street to confirm if they truly went there to see a tenant, Mr Bright, as they alleged.

Ugbaje, a cobbler, said he and other neighbours in the compound had to push the riotous mob out of the compound where Bright lived when it became obvious that the mob wanted to lynch them there.

He said the man they allegedly went to see was not at home.
When asked if he did not join in beating the students, he said he only hit the students twice.
Ikechuckwu Louis Amadi and Lawal Segun in their separate comments, also said they saw policemen at the scene of the sad incident.

Lawal, a taxi driver, said he was not part of the mob that murdered the students but claimed to have pleaded with the mob to release the students.

On his part, Amadi said he saw four police men while the students were being beaten, adding that the angry mob insisted they were not going to release the boys to the policemen.

Others paraded were Alhaji Hassan Welewa, 59; Lucky Orji, 43 ; Cynthia Chinwo (F), 24; Ekpe Daniel, 30; George Nwadei, 30; Gabriel Oche 33; Ozioma Abajuo, 23; Chigozie Samuel, 22; Endurance Edet, 27 and Uwem Akpabio, 30.



  • They should not kill them but they should start roastin their fingers,one finger per day.so that they test how fire roast.they are heartless human beings & destiny terminators.kill them b/cos if u do not,students wil help u.

  • This is the greatest heigh of animosity. Let the law take its place so that others will learn that they do nt have the right to tak LIFE which only GOD has the power to give.

  • all those saying that the perpetrators should burn didnt say anything with regards to the officers of the law who were at the murder scene.

  • reporter tank u very much for showing there faces,if I may asked is( lucky the master mind )among this face n the traditional ruler because these r the two important face that will excited every body the most.

  • Whr is dat guy who was conspicously hittin Tekena with d plank in dat video? I wnt his balls to fry! Kill dem ol!!! And dat ugly bitch shld be paraded naked b4 she is roasted alive! Assholes!

  • @orieoma alexander yes u r wright bt I guess the police will cm to that lastly they starting form the bottom I guess.The IG has it they will digged in an fetch out any officer that r found guilty will b judge

  • These guys should be sentence to death period…he that killeth by the sword shall die by the sword…that’s all I care about.

  • I want to mk a suggestions if it will go threw to the police over their.These faces they r showing us nw pls if they can identify their face n the act they play in the movie like itched face and his or her part in the film so that we can no them better,like the guy that we hitting them with the stick,the ugly lady her part in the film,who strike the fire,who put the tiyer on them and so on etc nigerians want to know better n since the film is available they can identify that for us thank u.

  • even if they are not d main perpatrators,they shd be lynched as long they have d blood of ALUU flowing in them..burn them!!!..i wish they will be burning them dis way weekly. 8people every week works for me.. Stupid and barbaric clan/town. I spit on you Aluu

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  • None of dis guyz. & dat ugly goat head woman should be pardoned ok,they all must be sentence to death & if the nigerian law fails to do so then we the entire student association will rise and help them out #thatsapromise

  • Pls I want dis men dead, including the policemen at d scene of d crime, they shldnt be tried, d rought of God will fall upon any1 who releases any f dem!!!

  • Castrate all the men and cut off the womans breast and rape her with a red hot iron rod or release them to me so I will gather my own lynch mob to deal with them we need to set an example here so such will never be repeated in history again by any group or community

  • Are we really sure all these people paraded here were all involved in the killing? Many a times we have been raided innocently on the street by police men for a sin we did not commit.

  • Let d law take it course…. If they are nt linched they way they did to those young lads, they shd rotten in jail…. They are too wicked, callous killers

  • Pls pls and pls again kill dem ol. To see my fellow woman in such act is heart braking even wen dose young good looking Lads strugled so hard to live these devils stole dia lives from dem,! God purnish all of u . U must all die , Amin

  • so it took increasing national/international pressure 4 v police 2 show us these suspects they’ve had 4 almost 2 wks? I salute all those whose voices & comments in the media prevented all attempts 2 cover up this murder. Y was the vampire chief kept at the back? Y is aluu clan distancing itself from the incident after initially denying involvement of any aluu indigene & demanding the vampire chief’s immediate release? Will the police also parade the dpo & policemen who sanctioned the execution? Where is the chief torturer? We are still waiting & won’t applaud cosmetics we want the real thing.

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  • I want d guy dat was hitting d plank on those students to b severely beaten by d same plank on d head and after that, he should b burnt into fine ashes.Others should also undergoe similar punishment depending on the role each and everyone of dem played in d killing of the 4 students.

  • I hope justice wuld prevail n nt jes end in d catchin of d involvd people!!!!!These people shuld b severly punishd!We have 2 see d end of dis;I hope it dsnt jst end here jst lyk d previous cases we hv in Nigeria!REVENGE!!

  • These criminals deserve capital punishment. Its so sad because whatever justice enacted on these animals will not bring back those 4 students they killed

  • Also, where is the police officer that joined the mob in beating the students? What has the IGP done about him?

    Look at their faces; like butter wont smelt in there mouths; meanwhile they are possessed with the devil.

  • Can we pls observ 0.6secs silence 4 d pasin away of d perpetrators of aluu4 killn? Afta wc, dy go 2 hel nd cntnue d remainin part of dr death. Stupid ppl!

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  • Bunch of jealous, evil idiots. As them no fit go school, they decided to kill those that could. Wickedness. So the cobbler knew one of them, and still went ahead to beat twice? Evil! Killers, murderers!

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  • strongman, the vampire chief is the elderly man at the back on the far right in a grey native shirt. He seems 2 have been well treated by the police looking as if he had eaten/slept well v conscience-less vampire.

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  • i have been arested by the police innocently in the past, lets make enquiries and investigate very wel b4 we pass judgement on these people, besides the police who claimed 2 have seen and carried out the arrest should be displayed 2!

  • I watched the video of the 4aluu boys, these guys am seeing are not the faces in the video! SCAPE GOATS!!!!!! who was hitting the head? who was puting the tire? now those people is who you should be looking for

  • God is in right person 2 judge not man and I believe d most high is up there looking @ everyone… Lord please let justice b done no matter what those 4 guys might ve done…. D killing is to brutal and am sure those 4 guys, their blood will keep crying on allu community people… Hungry fools…. Full of illiterate

  • May God have mercy on these ones if they re guilty, i still cant imagine a fellow human being, displayin such Jungle justice.. Lord help us @dis tym cos d heart of a MAN is absolutely wicked


  • Would have love 2 say dat dey should b killed, but what are we 2 gain? Dat simple means dat we are not better dan dem so pls what has happen has happen let live jourgment 4 GOD 4 he knows best

  • We have a facial recognition software in circulation, what should be done is simple: get an authentic video of the killings, get facial images from it, run it through the database of all registered mobile users that used all the telcom towers in the community that day and you will definitely find, and located locate each and everyone of them!

  • Wow,hw we love ourselves!Dis faces,re dey realy d ppl dat kild does students,My knowledge of Niger Police has taught me nt 2 condem anybody who’s a suspect.wat an incompetent police force we hv.God Vindicate d Innocent nd let d wicked face ur wrought!

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