Family Accuses Delta Police Of Complicity In Their Son’s Murder

The recent gruesome murder of Mr. Bernard Chigwe, Head of Personnel Management (HPM), Isoko North local government area of Delta state has led to different accusations by the family against the police and vice-versa, with the family lawyer claiming the police are shielding evidence that would help unravel the case.

Mr. Chigwe was murdered in controversial circumstances on his farm in Kwale, headquarters of Ndokwa West council area on September, 30, when some policemen went with him to the farm to arrest some Fulani herdsmen who were alleged to have been destroying products.

Speaking to newsmen in Asaba yesterday, Barrister Emeka Chigwe, on behalf of the family, said that conflicting stories have surrounded the murder, and worse still, the police are attempting to shield the actual identity of the murderers and ensure everything that would aid their apprehension is suppressed.

He said they believe that one Momodu Osuya, a Vigilante and Youth Leader, and four police officers from Kwale Police Division, all of whom were present with the deceased when he was murdered, had a hand in his death, judging from the contradictory accounts given by the police of the incident, and the incontrovertible evidence they say was gathered from the scene of the crime.

Chigwe maintained that the police’s claim that a Fulani herdsman, Sule Maigari, who shot the deceased had been arrested was corporate false hood and an effort to absolve them of complicity in the murder of their son stressing that the said Maigari was nowhere near the scene of crime on the day in question.

Reacting to the matter, Delta state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ikechukwu Aduba, said there is no controversy surrounding the matter. He claimed that one of the suspects, with a bullet wound in his stomach, was arrested at Onitsha through painstaking investigation, and that the doctor treating the suspect and two suspects are helping the police in their investigation.

He said the suspects have been charged to court for conspiracy and murder and have been remanded, regretting that instead of the family of the victims to commend the police they are blaming the force in an attempt to retrieve the vehicle of the deceased.
He threatened that if at the end of it the family is found to have given false information and are not able to prove their allegations as none of them was at the scene, they would be arrested.

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