Former Cuban Leader, Fidel Castro Suffers Massive Embolic Stroke

Former Cuban leader, Fidel Castrol has reportedly suffered a massive embolism of the right cerebral artery. The 86-year-old, reports say could barely eat, speak or recognize people. Although the Cuban leader released a message published by state media refuting claims that he was not healthy, a source has revealed he is on death’s door.

El Nuevo Herald reports that a respected doctor Jose Marquina assured the paper that he had firsthand information about castro. The doctor told Herald, “Castro could last weeks like that, but what i can say is that we’ll never again see him in public.”

The last time Castro was seen out in public was back in March when Pope Benedict XVI visited Cuba.

The illegimate son of a wealthy farmer, Castro was Prime Minister of Cuba from 1959-1976 and President from 1976-2008.



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