Graphic Content Warning: Festival Where Goers Force Knives And Guns Through Their Own Cheeks

If the images below don’t make you cringe or give you the creeps, then nothing else would. You think Nigerians indulge in barbaric and uncivilized festivals, this one will make you have second thoughts. This is taking vegetarianism to painful new extremes.

After piercing the cheeks, lips or tongue, religious devotees thrust metal implements, often several at a time, through the holes to purify themselves in a bizarre vegetarian festival in Phuket, Thailand. Their suffering – they hope – draws evil out of the community around them and, in doing so, brings positive luck to their friends and village.

Called Prapheni Kin Jay or Prapheni Kin Phak in Thai, meaning the Festival for Eating Vegetables, is on until next Wednesday.

For those who do not wish to put themselves through something that will require heavy reconstructive surgery once the party is over, there are other ways to scare off dark powers.

Pain for purification: This religious devotee has pierced his cheek and thrust several swords through the hole as part of a vegetarian festival in Phuket
The festival dates back to 1825 when travelling Chinese thespians were cured of tropical fever by keeping to a strict vegetarian diet
Entranced torture: This man holds a gun poking through his cheek and metal skewers through his ears, believing his suffering banishes evil and brings good luck
Piercing procession: This devotee has pierced his tongue, nose and ears with skewers for the festival celebrated by the local ethnic Chinese population in Phuket
Entranced: The devotees are entranced while performing the painful rituals, believing it gives them supernatural powers and the ability to endure these excruciating tortures for the common good
Suffering brings luck: Their suffering, they believe draws evil out of the community around them and, in doing so, brings positive luck to their friends and village
Wheel pain: These two have stuck car hubcaps

-Daily Mail