Has Ini Edo Lost Her Pregnancy?

Reports say Nollywood actress, Ini Edo has lost her pregnancy. Ini Edo’s pregnancy recently became a controversial issue when pictures of her taken at events didn’t suggest she was pregnant as her stomach has remained flat hitherto. This has made people wonder if she is still pregnant.

Ini’s pregnancy became more of an issue when Mercy Johnson, who was reported to have been pregnant almost at the same time as Ini, was photographed with a bulging stomach recently.

According to Encomium magazine, Ini Edo isn’t pregnant anymore.

“Pretty actress, Ini Edo recently suffered a loss. She lost the pregnancy she was carrying for hubby, Philip Ehiagwina. The actress, a few months back, confirmed to an online magazine that she was indeed on a nine month course and ignited the fury of fans who felt she had first denied and then confirmed.

“According to insiders, the actress, who was spotted looking every inch a super star (at the 32nd birthday party of Actress Stephanie O-Linus), also spotted a table flat tummy. ‘If she has not lost the baby, she would be almost ready to bring it to bed by now. Here is wishing her all the best as she tries again.’

The report by Encomium magazine has saddened the heart of her fans of the Nollywood star.

Sources say the Nollywood actress has been declining comments on her pregnancy, but they say she’s obviously unhappy as evident in a recent bust-up with her husband.


  1. My dear Ini, take heart, I know how you are feeling now, but all the same what can do NOTHING. Pls, Pls don’t think too much and don’t listen to people. That God that gave this lost one, will give you another one that will stay for u ohooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Try as much as u can and make your self happy again. Don’t mind any body. I pray by His Grace you will carry your own baby by Next year come 2014. In Jesus Name, Amen. Luv U.


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