Has Uti Nwachukwu Found His Bride?

Rumours making rounds that BBA winner and co-host of TV show Jara, Uti Nwachukwu is gay can now go to rest as reports say he may be in a secret relationship with actress Beverly Naya.

When you are a successful man and the closest person to you is a man, it’s never hard for people to conclude you are gay. That was probably the case of Uti whom people have found hard to be linked to women in the past, and whose closeness to his pal Alex Ekubo has been criticised by some people.

The NET reports that a source say the romance between Uti and Beverly has been going on for a while. They have also been spotted together at the same events a few times, but they’ve done a good job keeping their relationship from ‘prying eyes’.

Beverly was reported to be known and welcome at Uti’s family home and ‘is well loved by his family and friends’.

Contrary to some people’s perception of Uti, he has always seemed to love ‘family’. He mentions it a lot on TV show Jara, especially when guests talk fondly of their wives and kids.

At Uti’s birthday earlier in the year which he celebrated with a group of Nigerian widows at the Calabar Hall in Surulere, when asked when he would be getting married, he replied that it may just happen soon, as one could never tell. Uti Nwachukwu may well have found his bride.