Heart of Gold: Waje Dedicates Proceeds From RBTs For ‘Oko Mi’ & ‘I Wish’ To Makoko Kids

“Have you been to Makoko lately? Well, I have and it isn’t the best place to live, especially for a kid #ProjectHelp #SafeHouse”

Nigerian singer, Aituaje Iruobe, mostly known as WAJE which is the acronym for “Words aren’t just enough” has taken it upon herself to provide essential needs to children living in Makoko through her NGO, Safe House. The Lagos slum’s last known population was put at 85,840 however, the area was not officially counted as part of the 2007 census and the population today is considered to be much higher.

Tweeting on the issue, Waje said, “So, through @WajeSafeHouse I have decided to give my earnings from Ring Back Tones (RBTs) for #OkoMi & #IWish for 2 weeks to this project”

Her song ‘Oko mi’ has been widely accepted and listened to by music fans all over Africa. Her heart of gold however has ensured she wouldn’t enjoy the proceeds from the song alone, but would share it with the Makoko children.

We love you Waje!

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