House of Representatives Member Accused of Forging University of Jos Certificate

A member of House of Representatives representing Ningi/Warji Federal Constituency of Bauchi State, Mallam Abdulrazak Nuhu Bature, who had reportedly said he was a holder of Advanced Diploma Certificate in Public Administration from the University of Jos has been denied by the institution.

Bature had claimed to be a 2006/2007 graduate of the ADPA programme of the institution in his curriculum vitae but the university insisted that he was never its student. The authorities of the University of Jos have disclaimed The authorities of the University of Jos through the office of the Registrar recently issued a disclaimer on the federal lawmaker in a national daily on the premise that he was never at any time a student of the university.

Surprisingly, within two weeks, there was another counter rejoinder emanating from the same institution retracting the earlier disclaimer. The purported rejoinder as published in two national dallies was said to have emanated from the office of the registrar entitled: “Re-Disclaimer,” and had claimed that the published disclaimer did not emanate from the university, urging the public to discountenance it.

Apparently worried by the rejoinder which could discredit the Institution, the university authorities, through its Deputy Registrar (Information and Publications), Mr. Steve Otowo, described the advertisement as a forgery designed to confuse the public and re-affirmed its earlier publication that the legislator was never a student of the institution, adding that the university stood by the earlier disclaimer.

According to the statement, “The recent publication claiming that the disclaimer did not emanate from the university is clearly a desperate attempt to confuse issues and it cannot stand. The person was never a student of this university… For the avoidance of doubt, I wish to reiterate that Abdulrazak Nuhu Bature never applied for, nor was he ever given admission into the ADPA Programme of this university. He, therefore, did not graduate with the 2006/2007 set as he claimed nor with any other set for that matter.

“The ADPA testimonial and certificate that the said Abdulrazak Nuhu Bature claimed to have obtained are forged as the documents did not originate from the university”, Otowo said.

Source: Tribune