I Didn’t Pay My Maid To keep ‘Mum’ About The Son She Had For Me – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Their eagerness to come clean just after they release autobiographies…well, it’s not a bad thing saying the truth after all.

truth hurts- i got the cut on my upper lip saying the truth

Arnold Schwarzenegger swears the money he religiously paid his baby mama for their secret son was not to keep her quiet. Speaking on CBS show,”60 Minutes” on Sunday, Arnold refused to answer questions regarding how he found out about Joseph, the secret son he had with his former housekeeper Mildred Baena. He claimed they never had a real discussion about Joseph, and even when he started giving her excess cash, she never questioned it.

Arnold believes Mildred knew what the money was meant for, but argued it was in no way to keep her mouth shut. He then defends her and says,”Mildred is a good person. She was not out to get me or take advantage of me.”

Mildred was an aging mother of four, and this made it all shameful when you have a wife as beautiful as Maria Shriver.

In May of 2011, it was disclosed that in 1998 he had impregnated the family housekeeper and because of that humongous indiscretion he was separating from Kennedy heir Maria Shriver, his wife of 25 years.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had earlier admitted to having an affair with actress Brigitte Nielsen while still dating Maria Shriver. Schwarzenegger said in his new book that the affair happened while they were filming “Red Sonja” together back in 1985. At the time of the affair, Arnold and Shriver’s relationship had become serious; even though they weren’t married, the couple was living together.

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