“I Know Why Government is Appointing So Many Committees” – Dele Momodu

Who would you rather be? A critic whose purpose is to make the government do what is expected of it through his criticism, or a part of the government working towards the administration’s goal, whatever it is?

Many Nigerians, especially the opposition have been complaining about the president’s style of setting up committee on every issue, and a lot of people wonder why there are so many committees. Former presidential aspirant, Dele Momodu thinks he knows why.

Airing is view on twitter, the Ovation boss said the president is just using committees to reduce the number of critics he has.


“I now know why govt is appointing so many committees! By the time we’ve all been selected, there won’t anyone left to criticise,” he tweeted.

Nigerians have berated people like Nuhu Ribadu in the past for taking up a committee appointment as they believed he has joined the fold and wouldn’t be able to talk about the government’s flaws anymore.

Now, some people think the Otunba’s comment on committees was just a way of letting the government know he’s available, and they say, ‘Let’s see how soon he gets called up to be a member or chair a committee.’


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