IG of Police Explains Why Police Couldn’t Save Aluu4… Says They Were Chased Away With Stones

I shook my head in shame after reading the lame excuse by the Inspector General of Police as to why his men could not save the ‘Aluu4’ as they were lynched. Is this the type of police force the IG is heading? A force that is afraid of stones in the face of apparent threat to lives? Please read his statement below and draw your own conclusions.

In a statement issued today in Abuja, titled ‘Update ON ON-GOING INVESTIGATIONS ON ALUU KILLING: Rivers State: Murder of Four (4) Students of University of Port-Harcourt:’, the Inspector General of police explained that his men were chased away with stones by the mob attacking the boys. He said when a reinforced team of policemen returned to the scene, the boys had been killed and burnt by the mob.

“On 5th October, 2012 at about 0700Hrs, based on a distress call that some armed robbers were arrested at Omukiri-Aluu area in Ikwerre LGA, a patrol team of four Policemen from Isiokpo Divisional Police Headquarters was dispatched to the area, a distance of about 10kms. The Police on getting to the scene met a mob attack on four victims who were supposedly the suspected armed robbers. Attempt made by the Police Patrol Team to take over the suspects were met with stiff opposition from the mob who chased the team with stones.

“Consequently, the Patrol Team called for reinforcements, but unfortunately, upon the arrival of the reinforcements, the alleged armed robbery suspects have been stoned and burnt to death, while the mob immediately took to their heels. The corpses were recovered by the Police who by then have been joined by members of the Joint Task Force (JTF).”

The students killed were: Ugunna Obuzor- aged 18 Years; 200 Level Geology student; Lloyd Toku- aged 19 Years; 200 Level Civil Engineering student; Tekena Elkanah- aged 20 Years, a Diploma Technical student and Chiadaka Odinga- aged 20 Years, 200 Level Theatre Arts student.

The Inspector General’s statements only confirmed the criticisms by witnesses that the police simply abandoned the students to their fate when they got to the scene of lynching. A relation of one of the victims actually accused the police of encouraging the mob to kill the boys.

However, the IGP is not joining issues with critics but has gone on to outline the efforts the police are making to arrest the culprits.
Abubakar said the Police immediately launched an investigation leading to the arrest (based on information) of Alhaji Hassan Welewa, the Traditional Ruler of Omukiri Community, Aluu where the heinous incident took place and eighteen (18) others, some of whom are members of the vigilante group of the community.

“Intelligence report implicated Alhaji Hassan Welewa, as being the person who incited the mob to unleash terror on the victims. Further investigation conducted by the police indicates that four (4) suspects, namely: Felemo Solomon; Cynthia Chinwo; Ozioma Abajuo and Chigozie Samuel Evans have been closely linked to this barbarous act.

“Findings have revealed that the victims had gone to the area where they met their unfortunate death earlier that morning to demand for money allegedly owed to them by Coxson Lelebori Lucky, alias ‘Bright’, who raised a false alarm that the victims were armed robbers. Although, Coxson has gone underground, Detectives are on his trail.”

Investigation is ongoing with efforts being intensified to track down others who are involved in the incident. Those who are found culpable shall be prosecuted.

Abubakar said the police have in the meantime made a massive deployment of Policemen to the area, including detectives to assist the State Police Command.

“Normalcy has been restored in the area, while the situation in the area, especially in the University and other tertiary institutions are being closely monitored with a view to forestalling any untoward reactions.

“Efforts are being intensified to establish the motive(s) behind this crime, arrest all who may be directly or indirectly connected with the crime and eventually bring all indicted persons to book.

“I wish to use this medium to advice and appeal to Nigerians to see it as their civic obligation in the fight against crime and criminality, to assist security agencies in the discharge of their responsibility. Security is everybody’s responsibility and so, should not be abandoned in the hands of security agencies alone. The maximum cooperation of the public is needed to ensure that Nigeria is safe for all.

“Nigerians are further reminded to avoid taking laws into their hands, as two wrongs can never make a right. More so, it is criminal and against the laws of the land and those that do so will surely be made to face the full wrath of the law.

“In addition, the IGP appeals to citizens who might have information touching on this and other on-going Police investigation not to hesitate in turning over such information to the Nigeria Police Force.

“May I assure Nigerians that the Police Force will do everything legitimate, within its capacity, to ensure that perpetrators of these dastardly acts at Aluu in Rivers State are identified and made to face the law.”

-PM News


  • Hey naija! Wat do we expect 4rm d police man b4? Its only in naija dat a police man commits crime n police man judge am, birds of d same feathers. Its only God dat can intervene in naija problems, God dey sha!

  • A big shame to the Police Chief to say that his men were chased away by stone peddling mob. What a way to highlight his incompetence,giving way for the innocent boys to be lynched. I wld hv suggested u take the part of honour by tendering ur resignation letter, but it just occured to me now that HONOUR & RESIGNATION are scarce in our country and unfortunately not like other commodities that we can import. Am terrified.

  • It is sadening 2 see dt our police will go 2 a crime scene, a distance of abt 10km without tear gas or plastic bullets 2 disperse crowd… na wah o.. are we really safe?

  • Very stupid excuse i must say. He’s meant to be ashamed of himself for making such statement to the public. Even if you’re to cover up, do that intelligently and don’t make a fool of yourself. Imagine, they were chased with stones?! That’s incredible! I know nigerians very well, it just takes a shot or two in the air to disperse that crowd. The Nigerian police were part and party to that crime and should be made to face the wrath of the law.

    For the guy who dey say is underground, what stops them from publishing his pictures so he could be fished out? God save us all!

  • How secured are we in this nation if armed policemen can be chased with stones. There could be other reasons outside this.

  • imagine!chased away wit stone lame excuse,if na moni dey there dem no go collect am even if dem dey chase dem wit cutlass?y did they nt throw tear-gas to dispatch d crowd so they can save d young under-graduate,but if its moni dem go shoot pple die sef.

  • D IG has 2 b joking!!!
    Recently we’ve had random killings of innocent and defenceless citizens by policemen, yet wen it came 2 d scene of saving d lives of citizens(which is actually d whole essence of d force), dey were chased away wit stones??
    Can sombody tell d IG to stop d crap talk?
    Culdnt dey hv shot in d air 2 dsperse d crowd, or if necessary, use tear-gas???
    Let d IG bow his head in shame 4 such a worthless n empty excuse…
    N mayb policemen shuld stop carrying arms n ammunition, snce itz obvious itz only used 2 kill innocent citizens…

  • Lies!
    Firstly, does the IG even know what a distance of 10kms is? I don’t think so. It is approximately 8 miles. A team of police officers cannot travel such distance when there are police stations every where. Secondly, it is a big shame to tell the world that a mob armed with stones could scare the police that have even more sophisticated weapons, such as guns and tear gas. This simply implies that anyone can resist attempts by the police to arrest him/her.
    Mr. IG, sir, come up with something better next time.

  • if this is the explanation then the IGP should be sacked immediately…large sums are allocated every year to the police n other security agencies for security issues like this…smbdy mst ansa for this!..Nigeria dnt give money 4 excuses!!!!

  • Oh my God !!! What am I reading…Oh ugonna,chidiaka,liyod,Tekena.OH dear ones,no one was kind enough to rescue u!!Oh,May your sins be fogiven and may God in his mercies grant ur gentle. Souls eternal rest-Amen.Inspector general of police,I used to view u as an honourable man,but u just on this one prove me and the whole world wrong.God will surely judge u.

  • If I slap dis man now eh! Wot kind of country is dis were some1 will sit down in his office and come and read a false story and he wants us all 2 believe dat crap!!!

  • This is a big shame to d nigerian police force, hw can dey b chased away with a stone and dey have gun n tearsgas. All of dem need to be sacked cos Nigerian police re beta going afta okada rider n motor drive. Disgrace to d police force

  • Why can’t we like people’s comments here I like j.j’s comment. Chased police wit stones is a big lie! Police got der and sanctioned d killing. They were too lazy to act. They saw d innocent boys as thieves. Police do that all d time, I have personally seen it happen

  • Ngierian police is disgusting,embarrassing and foolish….. how can an inspector general of police came out shamelessly telling about 180 million Nigerians that stone peddling mobs chased away gun wielding policemen?…….this man should tender his immediate resignation!,he’s just shown how incompetent he is ……

  • What a foolish talk by IG,who do u think u re fooling? Do u think u re talking 2 kids? Even d market women knows that u re liaring including children in primary 1 knows that d story u gave re lies so keep that story 2 ursef & say d real truth. Its a pity that a whole IG can give that statement & feel he is a true Nigerian,hell no 4 d IG has disgrace d Nigeria Police Force!!! What a shame!!!

  • Hmmmm! police IG for that matter, jt imagine, if a whole u can be saying ds in front of 180 million people, then how are we suprise to hear state commisioner of police saying same rubbish, if a mob can chase u away wt stone (which is impossible, a big lie) when u were fully armed then arm robber could easily chase u away wt their physical fitness, or dont u think so, dont worry you will end ur life jt as Tafa Balogun ur emperor ended his!!!

  • e b like say them 1 tell us another story again,2face got d@ track rigth.u should have shut ur mouth than uttering ds crazy word,are u telling us to protect our selves @ all cost except for military,if it were ur son will u say d@,when it happend to u guys we pray for u,but when it happens to us u guiz are happy cuz fonds would be made available.ill head Nigerian police Fouls and make it a nigerian police force,promise to sack people like u and those whom we pay to protect and to safe guard us but only betray us in bruday ligth

  • Dis kind of story must stop IG u should b in d farm not in dat office, wht ar u telling us and u wantus 2 bliv u abi, i dont blame u is GEJ dat gav u d gos 2 tel us dis trash, does police men shoud also b investigated 2 Bcos i suspect dem.

  • stone!!police chased away with stone!incredible, nt even cutlass or gun. rubbish!were dey nt tranned? Beside 4hw many hours am asking? Mr man ur excuse is nt jenew abeg go sitdown nd stop fooling urself. Bt God WHY av u allowed dis 2happen,it takes u notting 2save dis guys.well who am i 2quest u unquestionable God.i glorify u d almighty

  • When you hear the rubbish jingle “the police is your friend” folks, quickly tell your children, that the “police is their enemy number one”. The greatest problem with the police is that even if God as a witness states that “a policeman has done something,” the IG will only rely on the lies told by his men. He will say “after a thorough investigation, we discovered that…” that is their training. However, the most credible account is the one whereby the policemen were said to have “submitted” that they should be burnt alive. GOD WILL JUDGE. IT MIGHT BE DELAYED BUT JUDGMENT WILL SURELY COME ON THE FOUR POLICEMEN! People close to them should watch. NEMESIS- except if the boys were robbers.

  • Mr igp u must b joking to av openly made dat statement, ar u sure u ar a police man. Wat a shame. Well fellow nigerian every one shuld find a way to protect his or self cos wit a man like dis who calls himself igp emm nigeria is nt safe again. Mr president i hope u can c wat ur trusted igp is sayin. Shame to mr president , shame to nigeria police.

  • I said it!!NIGERIA DOSNT HAV POLICE AL DY HAV AR CRIMINALS IN BLACK UNIFORMS!!IF U C POLICE,WARN A BROTHER OO…..dy aint difrnt 4rm thieves n robbers.wat else do u xpect 4rm d foolish IGP?dts statement signifies GROSS INCOMPENTENCE N UNPROFESSIONALISM 4rm ur mumu I.G…..R.I.P ALUU4!GOD BLESS NIGERIA ND SAVE US 4RM POLICE MEN!

  • Imagin dat my mens wia chase away wt stone nat even gun or marchet…so painful 9ja police me am tayad of una, even d IGP is nt even ashame of sayin my mens wia chase wt stone too bad.

  • Gorverment are paying d nigeria police 4 nothing, & the IGP of police ur brain is like 2 year old baby. You don’t deserve that post of IGP. You deserve the rank of corpra. We dont have police in dis contry. We only have sack of dust bin.

  • make bta thunda fire una..mk god purnish u..d training wey dm gv una na 2 d fear stones?were was tear gas,and d guns u use 2 treatn us 4 #20..higly disapointd..fuck u asholes

  • I‎ know police invariably kill with impunity. I‎ knew that the police chief would try to exonorate those officers that paved for the students to get killed but i‎ think he should feel so abashed to give such flimsy and implausible reasons on why the police could not save them from the mob. He said that the police were chased away with stones and this is the funniest part of it. This has gone to re-enforce the reason we have lost faith in the police. He publicly declared their incompetency to their duties. Even if he wanted to cover up his boys, he should have done this intelligently rather than showing to the public how stupid and incompetent he is for the post.

  • Litraly i ponda which of dis corupt Nigeria wokas i hate d mst(police oficers&nepa oficials)bt nw am jst so sure its d Nigeria police dat i hate wit pasion.Imagine d cok&bull story an IG is telin d masses dat a mere stone cn stop dem 4rm protectin us,wel as 4 me,i say it wil b an honour if dey alow dis dispicabu IG 2 resign which e dfinately deserve nt bt 2 b sacked.Infact d wole nigeria police nids rebrandin specificaly.In a nut shel,I HATE NIGERIA POLICE WIT PASION.(we re beta of on our own).I remain d only SUGARCANEMAN hu cn mk dis country wot livin 4 even scavengers.PEACE B UN2 DIS NATION.NIGERIA O NI BAJE JU BIE LO NI AGBARA OLORUN.AMIN!!!

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