Janet Jackson Converts To Islam As Wedding To Qatari Fiancé Hots Up

It is no longer news that five time grammy award winner, Janet Jackson is getting married to her Qatari multi-millionaire fiancé, Wissam Al Mana. The two are reportedly planning to get married in a Muslim ceremony in Doha, Qatar, 2013.

What is news is the claim by a renowned Turkish author, Adnan Oktar (aka Harun Yahya), that the 46-year-old Janet has converted to Islam — as did her brother, Michael Jackson — and is choosing to keep her new religion a secret from her fans.

An insider who spoke to National Enquirer Magazine said the couple are planning to spend $3 million to fly in around 500 wedding guests while Wissam – who doesn’t mind spending big when he ties the nuptial knot with Janet, wants to give attendees a $10,000 Rolex wrist watch as a ‘thank you’ gift.

Janet has been dating Wissam – who is almost a decade younger than her – since summer of 2010.

The singer who is 46-years old,  has previously maintained that there is nothing wrong with dating younger men as long as the couple is happy. In her words, “My mother always raised us to believe that age was just a number. All of us – my sisters, my brothers – we’ll just tell you our ages because it’s all about where you are mentally and how you feel about yourself. It doesn’t matter.”


  1. Am really happy for Janet. Happy she finally want to get married. I pray it gonna be a blessed one for her and her fiance. Don’t mind to be one of their guests.

  2. Am realy happy 4 my sister in Islam may Allah make ur marriage a blissfull&everlasting one.Bibarakatil Muhammad(s.a.w)

  3. Am so happy that my new sister in Islam is getting married to a very lucky man to copy the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. May Allah shower all his blessing on them and Us Amin.

  4. Its indeed a great news to hear. i am now begining to believe the underground story over the death of her bigger brother Michael and also death of Princes Diana. We need to shine our eyes and pray for Almighty Allah’s guidance. Wish Janet all the best.

  5. shame on u janet. I am disappointed in u. What a self-embrace into the slavery of islam(obviously satanic religion). Janet,run away b4 its too late! A world renowned woman like u be subjected as inferior human being cos dat s wat the religion teaches. What a shame ur bringing to d famous jackson family and ur fans.

      • @ Micheal, u mean you are ashame????. You dont need to be ashame of anybody but your self because you are in that religion because u were given birth there. You need to watch series of videos on youtube of many people converting to Islam after finding the truth. The fact that Islam is being misrepresented to you by the media and the hoodlums doesn’t mean you should not find the truth. Many Nigerians today leave Islam simply because (1) of what is happening in the north (2) because they don’t want polygamy (3) They can not pray 5 times daily (4) they are being deceived by face miracles of Nigerian business men calling themselves Pastors. I pray it will not be too late for you before you know the truth. Every corner of Nigeria today is full of churches but where has that taken Nigeria to???. In fact Igbo land is suppose to be the most holiest place in Nigeria but tell me which crime is not being committed there today. Don’t be fool by the media. You need to read about Islam. get a lot of printed text, watch reasonable videos about Islam and understand Islam before you make negative comment about Islam. Muslims are not found of Insulting Jesus Christ (MPBUH). He was sent by God. Muslim dont take religion for granted and we dont joke or mock all our prophets including Jesus Christ. what Muslim are against is lies. (1) Where is December 25th celebrated in the bible (2) Where was the picture of Christ found, who was the photographer (3) How was the dressing of Marry, mother of Jesus (4) where does Jesus declare himself God in the bible and said worship me (5) If you think Jesus is God’s son because he does not have father, how is Adam without both, how is Eve without both, how is King meleskehi in the bible, (6) How is the mode of prayer in the bible where people pray bowing down with their face like Muslims, (7) where is the word Christianity and bible mentioned in the bible, These and many more are the questions we need to ask ourselves.

        • it is a piety, you need to find out about your religion before you abuse muslims,

          check Mathew 26:39 and Rev 7:11, how Jesus pray??
          Mathew 4:8-10, when Jesus tell satan that it is only God that deserve to be bowed down for meaning bowing down is worshiping God

          Check Mathew 6:9-13 and Nemiah 8:4-6, how people pray there like muslims.

          If say muslims are servant or enslaving themselves
          check Act 3:13, 3:26, 4:27, 4:30, and John 13:16 and tell me what you have read there.

          If you say Muslims dont allow their women to lead check 1 corrintian 14:33-34

          Check psalm 121:4 and Deut 6:14 for oneness of God.

          check Check Gospel of barnabas 17:17
          Mathew 19:17
          Mark 10:18
          Luke 18: 19
          where Jesus said how there you call me good.

          If you say muslim can kill
          Tell me what Isiaha 19:27 mean

          These and many more are what you are suppose to know but because your pastors want to collect money from you, they will not tell you the truth and so weak you are that you will not read but only listen to what pastor has to say.

        • Shaaaatap!…i’d agree xtianity has its flaw in the name of false prophets, but thats wat makes me even b a Christian cos my Bible points all these as signs of the end time and they are happening….besides take time to find what ur own clergy men do, cos i dont want to mention even search this site so don go too far!…i hav Muslim friends hu r still in this stuff only cos they’d b killd if they leave, perhaps an ex-muslim descibes islam as the only religion that converts corpse (by force conversion). There nothing any1 can tell me abt Islam that can make me convert…see 4 ur selves http://thereligionofpeace.com http://thereligionofpeace.com/Quran/quran.htm

    • Michael if u can’t congratulate Janet of her right choice of religion of Islam pls don’t blame her 4 choosing what she want 4 her life.Islam isn’t religion of slavery as u think,rather religion of peace.pls go and read more about Islam to what it teaches.

      • I try to be impartial , fair , and non-stereotypical but Islam is not a good religeon for a female . Sorry. I am Catholic and was married to a muslim man it was hell on earth. He was abusive , lying , cheating , disrespectful , and very hypocitical. I was a sweet innocent girl before meeting him. Then divorced met another muslim man who decided to punish me for divorcing (he did not tell me his wife left him too and he was bitter) and used me for 8 years without marrying me.

    • Michael, You took the words from my mouth! couldn’t say more than to add that they are simply demonic possesed family, I love them as other black families, but anyone with eyes not even spiritual eyes will see that the family is living in darkness, but rather than embracing a LIVING GOD they turn further to darkness, just see how Michael Jackson with all his wealth and no God, waste his life, immediately he fully joined demonic sect called Islam!
      The lack and reject knolwedge they denied the truth and what happened unnecessary death..
      This fellow @Gentle quoting Bible like ‘Devil’ himslef need to ask to stop smoking expired ‘guf’, if he want to read the Bible, he can first ask the Holy Spirit to guide him, I know Muslims don’t believe in Holy Spirit, because they are already possesed of other evil spirits, just like the Jacksons…
      Please, pray for all of them all you true Christians!

    • ¶ think people like U̶̲̥̅̊ should learn hw to respect peoples decision in as much it has ŊO̶̷̩̥̊͡. Negative impact on U̶̲̥̅̊ directly. Alo U̶̲̥̅̊ should not embers the fire of dichotomy in the name of religion. Are U̶̲̥̅̊ a saint Ʊяº°self? Hw much do U̶̲̥̅̊ know about Ʊяº° faith and who guaranttee U̶̲̥̅̊ paradise? U̶̲̥̅̊ speak as if U̶̲̥̅̊ knw it all, ¶ guess U̶̲̥̅̊ are a fool!

    • You have only shown the level of your super-ignorance michael, by insulting Islam it means you know nothing about your Religion,….is it christianity or christendom???

    • Michael, It is obvious that your mind has been seized and imprisoned, satanically so by an invented religion called Christianity. Nothing is beyond prayers. We will pray for you to see the light very soon.

  6. Janet…not dat u were eva a true christian anyway,buh I hp u understand fully wt u’r going in2 and pray d Laord hv mercy upon u…
    @Charles,hw abt d Al-Queda group??Is dat Nigeria??Dere’s no Nigerian form of Islam….Islam is Islam…

  7. Not dat u were eva a true christian Janet,but I hp u fully understand wt u’r going into and I pray d Lord hv mercy on u.
    @Charles,u obviosuly dnt knw wt u’r talking abt…..wtz d Al-Queda group? Is it Nigerian? Wt dn do u mean by Nigerian form of Islam??

    • why don’t you think about how you are going to marry and make your own marriage last rather than wishing someone bad. Is that what your bible taught you. You have not made blue film but have done more than what is inside bue film. a typical Igbo blood.

      • ‘A typical Igbo blood’ [email protected], you name places you beside your sarcasm or do I say curse on ‘Igbo people’ now what has Igbo got to do with the topic that you abuse yourself thinking you are smart?
        Folk like you that always pretend to be holy are the disgrace the Igbo nation is facing! What makes you special… oh maybe you have no ‘Igbo blood’ in you huh…? wake up! Stop abusing the Bible like many of your ilks. Can you really stand up for what the Bible teaches you as a true believer?
        Take it or leave it the ‘Igbo blood’ remains the only solution to many torments going on around that your fake country called ‘Nigeria’, but only when they wake up to reality of who they are.

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  9. Its so disheartening that ppl r so daft and myopic. How on earth will u just open ur mouth and call Islam all kinds of names? U r talking about heaven and God and u think u’ll get there by insulting other ppl’s way of life and religion? How certain r u that God has called u among d people of heaven? Pls, live and let live. Stop thinking u r automatically going to heaven ’cause u r christian. U have to work for it. And calling some1’s religion satanic is definitely d wrong way to go. Create a bond with God, and mind ur own biz. May God have mercy on us all!

    • No, @Ayesha, sorry it is your ilks that needs to open your eyes and stop living the way of the evil Arabs! Islam is not a religion but a Satanic cult sorry! truth hurts!
      If you will accept being raped by old man at the age of 6 years or your daughters being raped by same old man who will turn around when he was caught to say that ‘god’ told him to do so, then you must be mentally deranged not just brainwashed..
      No other religion has the record for atrocity and all forms of evil world over than so-called Islam! Check it out and read of anywhere in the world where there is enough Islamists and peace for the rest!

    • Islam is not a satanic cult but the right path pls do not call Islam with such a name do you get me cus anything can happen to you at any time,
      And for those of us(we the Muslims) saying may God/Allah have mercy on all of us, all of us means including the unbelievers hw will Allah have mercy on those disrespecting him Allah shows mercy to unbelievers only here in the temporary abort but not also in the hereafter, dont u think their are also unbelievers among you? PLS simply say may God have mercy on all the Muslims

  10. So Matthew said that Christianity has enslaved people? I’ve heard it all now. If Christianity has enslaved us then what would you call Islams treatment of women?

  11. Janet ,you have rightly chosen where you belong to .so your elder brother Jackson died a muslem? You can now freely post your nude pictures on net for your onlookers.god have mercy on you.

  12. @Doma, There r ppl wit eyes yet see nt, ppl wit ears bt ear nt. B4 i started practicng Islam i made research, Doma instead of gettng hot inside ur heart, try to learn abt islam, so dat u we nt die ignorantly.

    • Someone @Ishola, say it again… ‘try to learn about Islam’…
      Can someone around him or her ask her what is there to learn than what (Terror) that is available everywhere around he world in the name of a Demonic sect founded by the worst pedophile, mass-murderer, sadist, etc,. called Mohammed.
      Please, read the live history of your religion founder Mohammed and tell us what is obtainable from such a disgusting life and compare it with Jesus or other reputable prophets. Mohammed stands out as an deceiving evil masked as ‘prophet’.. Wake up! true prophets lives by example, a pedophile/rapist can never be from God!

  13. Wht do u critising islam think when a new born baby comes into the world with the holy quran in his hands, when u see a snail with Allah inscribed on its shell, a stone that has a position lik someone prayin in islam and those prove re not enough for u to shut up and join the holy religion instead u call it satanic may Allah(s.w) av mercy on us all

  14. @michael: sometimes ppl talk out sense. Should I say you are the most ignorant of people on earth? So, all you are being brainwashed of is Islam being a religion that relegates women! It’s a pity you talk ignorantly. Well, if you need help to liberate you from this your ignorance, you may reach me personaly via [email protected]. You should know, and take note, that my aim here is not to ridicle you rather is to make you realize that you need wake up from your slumber and openmindedly learn about Islam, maybe through that you may get salvation and come out from your dirty thoughts. And @ Doma: be mindful and reasonable!

  15. I pray that all nigerians should understand wht it means by Religion. Be u a Christian or Islam. You all know ur shot comming. Ask God or Allah for forgivene.

  16. janet you are welcome to the right path, it is those that understand the word of God that will know the truth so for you converted to islam that make a true believer and for you getting married to a muslim thats make you a total submission to the oneness of Allah once more welcome to islam and wish you happy marriage life.

  17. My message to Janet: Enter Islam whole-heartedly. Don’t follow the paths of satan. Surely, satan is your obvious enemy.
    To those of you who speak ill about Islam, please and please get a translated Qurian, authentic Hadiths(Bukhari, Muslim and others) and good literatures on Islam. Reading about Islam on the Internet may lead you astray because countless numbers of websites like the ones posted by Crack are up and running on the Internet. Killing of an innocent soul is againt islamic inductions. Islam means peace and preaches love. Even the life time of prophet Muhammad he lived together with the christains and the jews in peace. He did not force anybody to accept Islam. My dear reader of my post, there is no compulsion in religion. Avoid dogmatism, try to find the truth, if you find it, follow it !

  18. When blackman especially black Americans in anger of their former white slave masters choose to abandon Christianity, it is to most of them a way of protesting the evil from the white folk, and the continued of same evil.
    Sadly, what many of them ended up with is to join the Satanic cult formed by the worst demonic possessed ‘bastard’ (Yes, a bastard that started out with no real family or normal life), who through ‘sword’ and utter violence, genocide and destruction (As is still the hallmark of his followers all over the world).
    They failed woefully to read the history of where they are coming from and who the man they want to call ‘prophet’ is as a human being, how was his life and how did he died, and what has been evident of his after life, is he in heaven (Which he never believes in), or in hell, where he most likely is calling out for peace from his violent followers on earth to see if he can get solace to his burning soul!
    How on earth could they choose to ally with Arabs, who are still seeing blackman as their slave and treat them as such…? If you are not sure what Arabs are, check out their style of killing from your Nigeria, to all over Africa (Libya still a sharp reminder, Mali, Sudan etc.), then their head office in Middle East, Asia, America, Europe (UK is already taken for sure)

  19. Janet,Congrats for accepting Islam as ur true religion,u are now free from the religion of rapist,thieves, cultist,robbers and whatever. Mohammad is a true messager from Allah,that’s why he in Jesus and the other prophets.Minority of Nigerian Christians are ignorants they dont really know what is all about their so call religion is,and their so call pastors dont want to reveal the reality to them,cos if they knew they will banishe and live them alone without single kobo as arms.They legalized beer,while is the bible forbid it.Half naked dressing, sex before marriage, fornication, cultism and so on.many pastors in rituals saga or rape cases.The only religion islam knw and accepted is Ahlul kitab”People of the book”but not christianity. Malcolm X,Bilal Phillip,Ahmad Yasin,Loon,Booth,Diana,and many more are well educated peoples but they all accepted Islam as their religion, talkless of u that knw nothing about globalisation or what have u? Pls ask urself why there is two types of Bible,Old and New testiment,why? Do u have the old one? why the changes take place? ask ur fathers or ur grandfathers if u are lucky u get one and go thru it,am sure will change.The Holy Qur ‘an is one only and so shall it remain forever. Islam is a religion of peace, love,and equity.

  20. Congrate janet! Never mind those that are speaken out sense, becouse they are in darkness and not ready to leave the dark. I dont mind being your guest if you can make me one. Onece again congratulations!

  21. Congrate janet! Never mind those that are speaken out sense, becouse they are in darkness and not ready to leave the dark.congratulations! congratulation once again

  22. janet u r welcome to d family,am so so so so happy 4 u.may Allah guide and protect u 4m ur enemies.Ameen. 4 does who say bad things abt islam may Allah punish them according to thr saying.4 my muslim brothers and sisters may Allah reward u kindly 4 ur enlightenment.Ameen

  23. It such a pity that people don’t bother to read and know what AL-ISLAM really stand for but rather they look at people to come to their flimsy conclusion(s). For all you, care get the original version of the BIBLE in the way it was sent down and see for your self. You will notice a stark contrast between the so called CHRIST-LIKE and the BOOK

    Welcome to your new world – that which preaches PEACE may this your last days be better than your previous ones amin yaa Allah.

    A so call realist made mention of Libya, what i will want him/her/them to find out is that a thorough finding should be conducted as to why thousands of Nigerian over there refuses to leave even when the war was still intense. All what you read about Libya are propaganda just like they took it hook-line and whatever from CNN BBC and the likes.

    Have they any idea about America’s 9/11 all these truth will soon be revealed. Just to pause for a while like my brother said AL-ISLAM is the FASTEST growing RELIGION the world over even with the smearing of it by the “WEST”

  24. My advise to you, Janet is that you should be sincere about you becoming a Muslim so that the fruit can be reap fully in good countenance on the day of judgement where everything will be exposed by Allah.


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