Jim Iyke Fires Another Salvo At Linda Ikeji, Calls Her A ‘Sociopath’

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Okay! What is the problem between these two? The negative energy between them is enough to set an entire country in total darkness. Jim Iyke appears to be the villain. Yes, he is from all indications and sadly, he assumes it is cool!

Last time, the nollywood actor brought out all or almost all of his arsenal in castigating popular blogger, Linda Ikeji over a story that was not carried by her blog. The actor realized his mistake after alot had been said and later apologized. But that was not to be the end of fireworks emanating from Jim to Linda.

Over the last couple of days, the blogosphere has been awash with unconfirmed stories of Jim Iyke’s recent discovery that he has an 11 years old son whom he knew nothing of until now.

Now, the problem is, Linda Ikeji wasn’t the only blogger that posted the story. Most blogs fed on the news like their ratings depended on it but why single out Linda for an attack? Or is it because the person who first brought it to his notice mentioned only her name?

This is unbecoming of an adult and star in the person of Jim Iyke or maybe he is just living up to his reputation as a ‘bad boy’.

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  1. Forget all these maybe she and jimaya don dey fuck and jimaya no wan marry her. See her fresh legs na abeg if jimaya no wan marry you me I am capable but first I must sample those fine legs and toto make I confirm am bkus I no want second hand productu. Hala me om my intercom 08067760393 .

  2. He has a serious problem with his character or maybe he’s just looking for attention. Linda even took the story from Stella Dimokorkus, if you check the post again you’ll see. So why pick Linda to bad-mouth when she didn’t even make the post originally. Moreover, she is just doing her job. Some may say that it’s not a real job, but what’s the difference between watching/reading the news where stories are carried about people in government etc. and showbiz news. Whether anyone likes it or not, when you become as popular as Jim, your business becomes everyone else’s too. Maybe he should learn to keep certain things to himself if he doesn’t want anyone to know, or simply ignore L.I. if the stories aren’t true. Jim should stop feeling so special, honestly. As if he’s the only one she writes about. Linda will gladly write about anything that she thinks the public would be interested in. Secretly he probably even checks her blog everyday to check if there’s any story on him because he’s so quick to respond.

  3. You this jim you are a big thief have you finish paying the money you stole from that hajiya? You better live Linda alone bkwas she doesn’t like you if you harass her again I shall send aluu people to your location. Anofia barawo

  4. I’m sure Jim likes her,that’s why he’s picking on her so frequently.I feel he should just summon courage and ask her out instead of behaving like a kid.


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