#JusticeforAluu4: University Of Portharcourt Declares 7 Days Of Mourning

University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, has declared seven days of mourning for three of its students killed by irate mobs at Omokere-Aluu community, Friday, last week.

Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Joseph Ajienka, who spoke to newsmen, yesterday, at the main campus of the university, described the killing of the students as a horrendous crime.

Stressing that the university would not tolerate any act of jungle justice, he commiserated with the bereaved families. He said the university had to suspend its students’ union week, which was to have commenced yesterday, in honour of the deceased students and also declared seven days mourning period, which would end on Sunday.

He said the three deceased persons confirmed to be students of the university were Biringa Lordson, a year two Theatre Arts student; Ugonna Obuzor, a year two Geology student and Mike Toku, a year two Civil Engineering student.

He said the fourth person killed alongside the other three was Tekena Erikena, adding that efforts were still on to confirm if he was a student of the university.

The Vice Chancellor said though the university had declared seven days mourning period for the deceased students, which took off yesterday, the university was still in session.

He dismissed allegations in some quarters that students of the university were mobilizing to storm Omokere-Aluu community, where the killing took place on  a reprisal attack.

Prof Ajienka, who was flanked by other principal officers  of the university, called on security operatives to fish out those behind the killings.

Meanwhile, news reports indicate that some residents have started relocating to neighbouring areas. They were reported to have blamed their exodus on fear of arrest by security operatives.

Some of them who spoke on strict condition of anonymity, said they had been living at the mercy of armed robbers in the community within the last six months.



  1. No matter what we write here today I can promise us all that we shall never ever get over this horror! most times all we do is sit down and hope that things will be good again without getting up to do anything about it! But how can we live with ourselves knowing that the people who did this horrible thing will never be caught? Or even if caught will only get jail term? Those souls lost in such a devilish manner will never rest in peace and will continue to cry for justice but how many of us are willing to carry our matchetes and guns and march to Aluu to fish out those babarians? I know this may sound like another lawless call but I tell you in this matter if those culprits are not killed in similar fashion nobody’s mind will ever be at rest. Its like war, and we must defend our families and people from blood sucking beasts! I think its time to have a citizens forum where matters like this can be handled! Where people who think they are above the law can be eliminated! I will never be satisfied unless those people are caught and punished to death the way those boys died so everybody will realise you cannot just kill people like animals. I am not one of those who like to sit down and hope! I am ready to act! If there’s any group of like minded nigerians who are ready to go to aluu to make this right then pls I am prepared to join bcos I believe this is war!! You only need to watch the video to feel my pain! Boko haram is even better bcos a gun shot or bomb blast is quick and painless but for a young man to be stripped naked, his skull crushed until his brain is pouring out and then burnt alive is unacceptable! I still weep and cannot sleep well since the day I watched that video! I want to beg that those boys be never ever forgotten, their names should be immortalised in uniport and infact roads/streets in that village should be permanently named after them so even the children who will grow up there will realise the evil their fathers before them had done!

  2. Where was the Law enforcement Agency when this killing that tooks some hours where going on.INJURY TO ONE IS INJURY TO ALL… May there soul rest in peace., ALUTA CONTINUA…

  3. If you have lived in Rivers state/niger delta for long say 20yrs you come to realise that senseless killing of human beings is in their culture , IKWERRES, OGONIS, ODI, AGBASA under the guise of LANDLORD and SON OF THE SOIL. Gov Amachi, speaker for 8yrs and now in power for 5yrs should do something about this culture and landlord mentality – even for laptops, phones and life of uniport students. They should know that they do not own the life of others or the land/property their fathers/elders have already sold and used the money to marry their mothers. ALUU, UBIMA, ETCHE, all the same-15-45yrs lazy youths carrying cultlasses in broad day light looking for human beings/rats to kill. No economic activity mentality-refuse to travel/school outside their mothers’s kitchen-of course fatherless by their culture again.

  4. well said culture. Aluu is in gov amaechi’s home lga ikwerre. He should act swiftly &decisively lest it seems he is protecting his kinsmen. All over rivers state it is known that ikwerres hate non-indigenes. Those boys were killed because an aluu boy wouldn’t pay his debt & aluu people let their hatred of strangers hold sway. The pix/videos r horrible yet people ask the families friends & rational citizens of nigeria to keep calm & let aluu people move freely?! By the way why have prominent aluu people kept quiet?


  6. @timi we are not twins but with your write up I want you to know we have same spirit and this citizen forum is a must have because if the citizens are united we can have a better Nigeria. The possibilities of things we can do as united citizens is too numerous to mention. However concerning the Aluu4 a typical Ikwerre man will kill a person at the mention T and by the time the word thief is pronounced the person in question is already dead, this incident is not the first and unless we act it will certainly not be the last. In my opinion the traditional ruler that the victims were taken to before they were killed who in his foolishness was unable to get the police involved should be killed in like manner and please don’t give me that look because if he is someone’s father the victims are peoples children and as such the Ikwerre people should be taught a lesson that they will never forget in order to make them not to take the law into their hands. With all these rubbish I miss the Military Government.

  7. dis Aluu people ar barbaric they should be kill slowly in cold bood. They ar 2 wicked. They ar all wizards. God punish der generations. The paramount ruler should be killed. Thunderfire Aluu community.d pertuators of dis crime should murdered and bunt to arches. O God judge Aluu people.


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