Kaduna Bombing: Christian Mobs Target Neighbourhood Muslims

Following the attack on a Catholic church in Kaduna, Christian mobs with machetes and sticks has taken to the streets of the city targeting people they suspected to be Muslims.

A French news agency reporter said he saw mobs targeting people who they believed to be Muslims in the neighbourhood of the church.

According to a spokesman for the National Emergency Management Agency, a rescue vehicle was also attacked in the violence after the bombing.

A suicide bomber had earlier slammed a car bomb into St. Rita Catholic Church in Malali, Kaduna during services, killing at least three people, officials said.

A rescue official said “At least three people are confirmed dead.” He added that the death toll included the suspected attacker and that there were a number of injuries.

The neighbourhood shook as the bomb blast has brought up fears of a fresh outbreak of reprisal attacks and clashes between Christians and Muslims.

A spokesman for Nigeria’s National Emergency Management Agency said it had received reports of a bomb blast in the area of a Catholic church and rushed rescuers to the scene.

“They were talking about a bomb explosion,” said Yushau Shuaib of the reports, while adding that his agency was however seeking to confirm details.

“A number of casualties evacuated to hospitals. The incident was suspected to be triggered by a suicide bomber in a car …”

Residents fear clashes breaking out after the blast that shook the area, between Christians and Muslims, as some say there were reported clashes already.

“There was a loud explosion and I could see smoke on the horizon,” one resident said. Another resident also reported hearing the blast.

Attack by Boko Haram in northern and central Nigeria has led to more than 2,800 deaths since 2009. President Goodluck Jonathan has said the group is seeking to incite a religious crisis in Nigeria.

Nigerians are frustrated with increasing insecurity in the country as insurgency attacks have been happening too often. Worse still, security forces’ inability to stop Boko Haram attacks has increased fears that the violence may continue.


  1. Reprisal attack is just like acting according to an already written script. That is what they want. They are more war-ready.
    Attacking innocent muslims does not solve it as bombing innocent church attendees is inhuman. God’s judgemnt is on the wicked.

  2. Fellow Nigerians love yourselves, pls stop killing yourselves because of religion. We should shun sentiment pls. From kafanchan, kaduna state!

  3. pls u moslems shd telin those igrants in ur mist 4 truth about ur religion. or u write ur quran in d language everybody understand does it mean there are certain devilish thing u dt want people 2 knw? pls teach dem wel!

  4. President Goodluck wake up and face reality ok. It’s time Nigeria divide dats the solution. Since Jonathan Assume power,everyday bombing,killing Christians in the North,why always and churches,it’s clear dat the Northerners dont want Unity so its time the South go!

  5. Fellow Nigerians, Especially the cristians this attack on churches is
    nothing but to distroy the nation, this act is unislamic cos Islam
    means peace, and a true muslim must believe in JESUS peace be
    upon Him, Islam does not encourege killing innocent soujl, all the
    attack on churche is not by the Muslims, how many muslims
    were arraested in conection with any attack on chaurche. Last week gunmen attacked musque killing many, so this is not done by Muslims, may Allah save us in this country Ameen.

  6. Why do all the muslim in the whole world like to be tag as a violent religion???, and never they try to repent and embrase jesus christ as there lord and savior. Lord av mercy. Jacob l love saul i….

    • Hi, am a muslim and do nt like being connectd wit any violence cos dey bear boko haram, muslim names or dress as saudis don’t make dem muslim. If u can comprehend dat for starters den wil u begin to see d hidden trut

  7. I wish some muslims will stop trying 2 deceive themselves dat islam is a religion of peace. We all knw d truth. If u can’t live with Christians anymore, u myt as well leave, cos no matter how many times U bomb, u cannot kill us all. Nonsense people.

    • No body shud b pin pointn any religion..dis ppl doin dis r jus out to create chaos nd havoc..no gud muslim or xtian will jus go abt killin pll…I mean 4 wat reason…dos behind r bein sponsored by govt or som oda higly placed indvdls..Only God knws..May God punish em

  8. Na waow 4 naija..so wen muslims r killed in mosque,no1 talks..but when a church is attacked..evry1 has d mouth to speak..jus som days bck in d same kaduna ,ppl wia gunned dwn afta coming frm dawn prayer..dos wia innocent ppl too nw…no xtian ws talkn..but nw cos its church em ey start talkn bt islam nd muslims

  9. Dear all,
    What I understand in this whole thin is that the god of islam can not defend himself so for that reasons his followers figth so hard to make him god. If not which relegion will ever tell u to kill ur fellow man and be rewarded. If he is truely God and he created the hevens and the earth and every thing that dwells in it,then y can’t him handle and purnish any one that disobey him other than letting man to kill his fellow man for his own sake.is there no any law that says man shall not kill his fello man?


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