LASG Mulls Bicycle Lanes On Major Roads, Says “We’ll Encourage Offices To Provide Showers”

Determined to bequeath an effective transport system to Nigeria’s commercial nerve centre, the state government has announced plans to introduce bicycle lanes on major roads across the city.

This development was made known by the Commissioner for Transportation in Lagos, Mr Kayode Opeifa on Sunday at a cycling event tagged ‘Park and Ride’ – a move aimed at getting Nigerians to park their cars and ride bicycles for an enhanced lifestyle and cleaner environment.

Mannie Leading This Year’s Participants In Park and Ride

Speaking at the event as special guest, Opeifa noted that “the bicycle programme is on and pretty soon, you will see some roads in Lagos, marked as bike zones.”

According to the Commissioner, “what is alternative to Okada (motorcycle) is the bicycle.”

speaking further on the need to encourage the use of bicycles instead of okada in embarking on short distance movements, the Commissioner stated “anybody who wants to take a bike (okada) from their house to the bus stop, should use their bicycles.

“And when they (commuters in Lagos) get to the bus stop they should tie their bikes to the poles provided at the bus stop and join the BRT buses.” “The poles we are providing at the bus stops are not for decorations but for people to tie their bicycles” he added.

“All over the world, from London to Stockholm to Buenos Aires, people now ride their bikes to work because it saves the environment of the gaseous emissions that is harmful to the environment.”

He also noted that cycling will enhance people’s lifestyle and thereby improve their productive and lifespan which he claims will also have a resultant effect on the nation’s GDP.

Acknowledging that the tropical weather in Lagos will make it uncomfortable for cyclers, the Commissioner noted that “yes, the weather will make people sweat but offices will be urged to provide showers” to ameliorate the discomfort.

This practice he claimed, is obtainable across the world.

Park n Ride is an annual event organized by On Air personality, Mannie of CoolFM Lagos, which encourages people to park their cars and ride bicycles instead in a bid to address the growing climate change and improve people’s lifestyle.

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