Leaders Of Fulani Herdsmen Explain Why They Killed 24 In Kaduna Community

Even as the Kaduna State Police Commissioner, CP Olufemi Adenaike yesterday debunked allegations that the attack on Dogon Dawa village where 24 people were killed last Saturday was led by a police officer, leaders of the Fulani community from the area have claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was a reprisal from their members.

The leaders of the Fulani herdsmen who were at the state police headquarters in Kaduna yesterday claimed responsibility for the Dogon Dawa attack, explaining that “it was a reprisal for the arrest, humiliation and killing of our Fulani herdsmen by the vigilance group from the village.”

The Fulani leaders whose names were not given to the press for security reasons maintained that, “the Fulani people have been accused severally of committing all kinds of atrocities by the vigilance group, especially now that Fulani people are returning from long time grazing from places like Kwara, Niger and Kogi State.

“And in Birnin/Gwari, there have been problems of robbery and all sort of vices, such as cow theft. It was on that basis that the community established the vigilance group to ensure crime-free community.

“It is this vigilance group that is now killing our people who go about their lawful businesses accusing them of robbery.

“The vigilance group of Dogon Dawa indiscriminately kill our men calling them armed robbers; they also steal our cattles, so our men carried out a revenge on them,” the leader stated without remorse.

The Fulani leaders who were at the police headquarters to voluntarily give information of the last Sunday attack, however, stated that it was attempt of their members to salvage themselves from the “so-called” vigilance group that led to the reprisal attacks.

Meanwhile, the Kaduna State Police Commissioner, CP Olufemi Adenaike has debunked in the strongest term that, contrary to the report that one of his officers led the team of the attackers, saying his men rather made frantic efforts at addressing the situation.

The CP who paraded the Fulani leaders at the police command whom he said came to voluntarily give vital information on the attack alongside the accused police officers, further informed that the police had since commenced thorough investigation on the attack and will definitely fish out the perpetrators of the dastardly act.

In the same vein, the Police Officer in charge of the Kuyello Police Outpost, ASP Musa Ashero, who was accused of leading the attackers spoke to newsmen at the press conference organised by the CP,  saying, his job was to protect lives and property of the citizens and not to lead attackers to take lives of people.

According to him, “I have served the police for about 32 years and about to retire, so why will I engage in an activity that will tarnish my image and efforts put into the police force for these years?

“When the vigilance group arrested the four alleged armed robbers, I made efforts to retrieve the men into the police custody so that we can interrogate them properly. The vigilance group resisted my efforts and vehemently took them to Dogon Dawa village, when they overpowered our efforts.

“When the attack started on Sunday, I informed the Divisional Police Officer of the local government (Birnin Gwari), CSP Abu Birchi Abubakar who immediately called the Mobile police to rush to the scene but they said they had no fuel in their car, so I personally gave them N2000 to buy fuel but getting close to the village, they said the firing was too much so they had to stay back,” he explained.

-Daily Sun


  1. Can you imagine that the police officer with their arms and ammunitions had to step aside just because the firing was too much. It is a shame to Nigerian forces, what are their objectives? Gosh!

  2. What were d police holding wen “d firing was too much?“ sticks or kobokos? ‘Defendless force‘ Shame on u, stupid police.

  3. Udosen This are stories we don’t want to hear. The accused police officer shoukd be carefully and skillfully interrogated and his case secretly investigated. As for the herdsmen, they should be apprehended and made to face the law

  4. Nigeria is simply a mad country. It’s unimagiable that in this 21st century, people attack and kill innocent souls in the name of reprisals, with total impunity. Why can’t they seek legal redress to any grouses they may have? What are the police and other law enforcement agency/courts of law for?
    To worsen it, mobile police van without fuel… and serving police officer boldly attests that mobile police team heard intense fire so “they stayed back”. That the best they could do.
    Well, Nigeria’s for rogues! May it’s because muslims were among the victims (accidentally), that’s why these savage herdsmen couldn’t hide their ass. It was worse in Jos! Tens of innocent souls were attacked and killed on their beds, their mass burial was also attacked, leading to the death of a serving, peace loving senator of the Republic… Yet, when mob-up operation was declared by the so-called STF, they cried loud of human rights violation.
    Most amusingly, a shameless figure who had even previously born the flag for the office of the president of Nigeria gallantly defended the mass attacks & killing of innocent souls in the name of reprisals, grazing land or what have you…. threatening to sue the Federal Govt for violating the rights of fulani herdsmen! He vehemetly urged the fulanis not to comply to the STF’s order. Curiously, his statement, like most newspapers only cited that the STF had ordered fulanis their homes, whereas 8 of the nine villages afected, including Maseh were the Senator had died during the mass burial, were mainly non-fulani settlements.
    Until then, I’d thought that a presidential aspirant was at least, a patriot and an elderstateman with national interest at heart! But,…. well, life goes on. We’re on top of the situation!

  5. Wow. I think there more to this than we’ve just heard. That police does not have fuel, paper, pen etc is an old gist. Now its the fire was too much next they won’t even have cloths or station where they will keep arrested ppl. In one month the NPF has come out to say they could not prevent the loss of innocent lives due to unlawful mob action. And annoyingly some ppl can come to the station to justify such killing. I am totally short of words but I weep for this country and the direction we are headed.


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