Like Jonathan, Cameron Gets Streams Of Abuse On Twitter But Stays Put As Followers Hit 100k+

More world leaders are embracing the unlimited world of social media as a tool of effective communications and even though they realize it is not an all rosy affair, they brave the odds.

Nigeria’s president and indeed the senate president, David Mark have accused Nigerians of hurling insults at their ‘leaders’ on the social media as they hinted at a controlled use. In the run up to the 2011 elections, president Jonathan was constantly on Facebook updating his fans and even after his victory, he kept in touch via his fan page but following the removal of fuel subsidy in January and the attendant rain of abuses that followed, he abandoned the social media; is that what leaders are made of? Jelly skins?

The Prime Minister’s First Tweet Made Reference To His 2009 Warning That ‘Too Many Tweets Might Make A T***’

Anyways, Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain is a new comer to twitter and within a very short span, precisely 12 hours, he garnered 75,000 followers and presently has over 100,000 followers on the micro-blogging site.

Mr Cameron defended his decision to join the site this week.

He told Sky News: ‘In this modern world you have got to use every means to try and communicate your message and explain to people why you are doing it. You’ve got to get with the programme, I suppose.’

On Monday Mr Cameron Used The @David_Cameron Account To Reveal He Had Packed Some Boxes For The #supportoursoldiers Campaign

But like Nigeria’s president, the response has been rather more boisterous than the PM’s own tweets, with users posting a stream of abuse often aimed at Mr Cameron’s wealth. But did he chicken out? Did he accuse his attackers of being ‘jobless’, ‘unpatriotic’, ‘opposition’, etc The PM is taking it all in his strides and that is what true leadership is about- the ability to see criticism as an inalienable right and call to better service.

Hope Mr. President learns from David Cameron and stop ‘running’ from his perceived enemies on social media.


Here is a selection of some of the comments which @David_Cameron is being bombarded with:

‏@Gaslef mornin dave, what atrocities are you planning to inflict on the working classes today then? #toriesruiningthenation

@JamesCridland today you say that Britain has no future unless difficult decisions are taken. I don’t think you understand concept of time.

@JaneR1969: How are you getting away with killing off so many sick and disabled you turd? When are you going to be up in court for it?

@Codeine74 Hello Dave, this is your daily reminder that thousands of Britain’s most vulnerable people are suffering more thanks to you.

@thisisamy_ I am seriously angry by @David_Cameron ‘s comments. Stop LYING & pretending you’re helping the poor & vulnerable. You do not care one bit.

@Chad_C_Mulligan Yawn. Another super-shiny PR opportunity. Why aren’t your sleeves rolled up, Dave?

@hoolscon spare us the mush about your family Dave, your a rich boy who inherited his wealth so don’t try make out your one of us plebs

@Bethemediauk I thought you said you wouldn’t tweet much. That’s 7 now. 7 too many.

-Daily Mail

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