Man Accused Of smuggling 80,000 Guns And 32million Rounds Of Ammunition To Nigeria Slams Charges As ‘Ludicrous’

A 42-year-old British arms dealer who is accused of smuggling 80,000 guns and 32 million rounds of ammunition worth £840,000 from China to Nigeria has dismissed the allegations as ‘ludicrous’.

Allegations: Gary Hyde, 42, of Newton on Derwent, East Yorkshire, Is Accused of Smuggling 40,000 AK47 Assault Rifles, 30,000 Other Rifles, 10,000 9mm Pistols

Gary Hyde, of Newton on Derwent, East Yorkshire, allegedly smuggled 40,000 AK47 assault rifles, 30,000 other rifles, 10,000 9mm pistols and the ammunition across the world in 2007.

Charge: Hyde Is Accused Of Smuggling 40,000 AK47 Assault Rifles (File Picture) Among Other Guns To Nigeria

The York-based businessman – a former director of UK companies York Guns and Jago Ltd – is said to have organised the trade and transportation of the weapons in contravention of UK arms laws.

But this is the second time Hyde has faced the accusations and he continues to refute the charges, with his barrister telling Southwark Crown Court that the allegations are ‘completely ridiculous’.

-Daily Mail