Man Allegedly Jumps Down From 8th Floor of Federal Secretariat

A man has reportedly committed suicide in Port Harcourt today.

According to reports, the middle-aged man jumped from the 8th floor of the Federal Secretariat in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

The motive behind his alleged suicide is still unknown, but the police have reportedly been informed and investigation into the cause of his death will be done in earnest.

Efforts are still ongoing to confirm the reports from the Federal Secretariat, Port Harcourt. Update to follow soon.


  • Were is our leaders people of Nigeria beging to killed them selp because
    Of reason or the other…….if governments want this cuicide thingd to stop they have stop or quite stealing our money to feed ,son’s and family….poverty make him killed him selp!!

  • I felt so embarrassed to hear somebody calling d deceased young man a ‘stupid fellow’. I think it’s high time computer learn to delete some msgs automatically. Do u think it’s his wish to commit suicide? Who no like to jolly? Anyway, i can’t blame u since u’re still feeding under ur parents cos, i don’t belv such comment can come from a proper nigeria citizen despite all they are facing from our selfish leaders. I guess u must be a ghananian!

  • @Mr. Bello hw did u knw dat he killed himself as a result of poverty dont judge lik dat man……Nigeria problem is enough 2 tink abt joor……but u rest should understand dat lif is 4 livin nt livin up to tights…….peace

  • Oh my God! Wot exactly is becoming of Nigerian citizens? Y all these sad news every day by day? God,only u kw y dis man decided 2 end his life dis way. Imagin a well dressd youngman just wastd his precious life. Pls,Lord,hv mercy on us.

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