Man Allegedly Lured 12-year-old Girl with an Apple in Order to Molest Her

A Local Government staff of Okposi Development Centre in Ebonyi State, who was simply identified as Hon. Chieze Nwankwo was, Tuesday, reported to have allegedly raped a 12 year-old girl, Miss Chioma Nwankwo who resides in his compound.

According to the Vanguard, the victim, who is a primary six pupil of Umunoka Primary School, Okposi, was lured by Hon. Nwankwo with an apple when she went to fetch water to take her bath. Narrating her ordeal in the hands of the rapist, Miss Chioma Nwankwo explained that the accused lured her with an apple and that before she knew what was happening, he had removed her clothes and over powered her.

In her words, “When I took my bucket to fetch water at the well, Honourable Chieze called me to his house and said I should come and collect an apple. I went in to collect the apple and asked him whether he too would also eat but before I could understand what was happening, he quickly pulled off his clothes, pushed me to the ground and fell on top of me.

“I told him to get off me but he refused and I started crying but there was nobody in the compound until my mother started calling me. I told him that my mother was calling me but he refused to listen until my mother came and pushed the door open. And as soon as he saw my mother he used speed, took his towel and told my mother that it was an
apple he wanted to give to me.”

The father of the victim, Mr. Peter Ogbonnaya who is a motorcycle mechanic wondered why such immoral act should be committed against his daughter and called on the state government, Non Governmental Organizations, NGOs and relevant security agencies in the country to come to the aid of the family, so that, appropriate punishment could
be meted out on the culprit.

The mother of the victim, Mrs. Nnena Nwankwo was said to have taken her daughter to Okposi general hospital where medical examinations had been conducted to ascertain the health state of her daughter. Her own side of the story: “As my daughter went to take her bath, Mr. Nwankwo who was in front of my shop, said I should give him something to eat. So, I gave him what he wanted. After eating, he said he wanted to go and see whether his chicken was outside. So, he left but I never knew he was after my daughter. When my daughter went to fetch water at the well that was when he lured her.

“So after a while, I started calling my daughter to know whether she had finished taking her bath but I didn’t hear her voice. I traced her to the well where she had gone to fetch water and saw her slippers at the door of Hon. Nwankwo. I now pushed the door and immediately the
honourable quickly got up, gathered his towel and dashed out immediately. I raised alarm and told my husband about it”

As for the police, they claim that the case has been transferred to the appropriate quarters for proper investigation in order to ascertain whether the allegation of rape against the local government staff were genuine or not. Meanwhile, the culprit who is a Management Committee member in charge of Works department in Okposi Development Centre was alleged to have been released from police custody by some of his colleagues.



Source: Vanguard

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  • As usual no justice for the poor!! But I am worried about the rate of rape and even rape of animals by our ibo brothers. Cynthia was raped and killed, a young man from the ibo stock raped 8 children in lagos, an enugu man raped a sheep, another man from enugu raped a donkey two days ago, now another ibo man is raping a 6 year old! Na wa ooo!! Are the ibos the sons and daughters of Sodom and gomorah??

  • Nigeria been wat it is, the matter has died a natural death. But God will never fail to punish all those who commits atrocities and go free from the hands of security agencies because of the corruption in the country.

  • chimezie he is an animal are you sure you are ibo cos you sound as if only ibos are d only rapists in nigeria all tribes rape not just ibos rapists are useless

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