Many marriages are collapsing in Nigeria – Legal Practitioners

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Legal practitioners in Lagos State have expressed concern over the increasing rate of divorce in Nigeria. According to Mr Olalekan Ojo, of Ojo and Company Law Firm, intolerance, infidelity and battery were the major factors responsible for divorce in the country.

In his words, “Many marriages are collapsing with the customary courts terminating a large number annually… The court should always make an effort to reunite the couple rather than dissolve the marriage,” he said.

The legal practitioner also explained that most children from broken homes roamed the streets and indulged in unlawful activities. He advised the government at all levels, parents and religious leaders to join hands and find ways of stemming the tide of divorce.

Another lawyer, Mr Ayo ogunlade, said that the reasons for marriage failure were insincerity, unfaithfulness, incompatibility and immaturity. For him, “Couples should always engage in dialogue in resolving issues, be open to each other and avoid influence of family and friends in order to enjoy lasting union… Many couples pretend during courtship to be what they are not only for the deceit to be discovered after marriage,” he said.


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  1. It is quite very true that many marriages are collapsing these days!! The reasons are not far fetched as these days values that made our parents stay with each other for many many years as man and wife are no longer adhered to. It is said that it is the woman that keeps the home because she cares for the children and tries to keep her man in check no matter what he is doing, but these days girls of these days don’t care about values. They want to only associate with ready made men and disrespect their husbands if they are not rich. Infedelity is the order of the day. Women no longer want to allow their husbands touch their body whenever he wants so the men decide to have mistressess! I want to advice all women to know that beside a man’s muscles and strenght is a very gentle heart that responds well to love and care. Love your husband unconditionally, care for him and attend to his needs and I assure you he will adore you. But when you terrorise him with nagging, complaining, lack of sex, no respect, comparing him to other rich men etc then he will look for comfort elsewhere. Men too try and respect your women, we are naturally the patient ones and so should endure as much as we can. Don’t give false impression of wealth to your girl before you marry her so she won’t be expecting you to buy heaven and earth for her later. Let her know your true financial status, if she decides to stay if not allow her go please. Life is very simple and is lived once! Marriage problems are hellish and terrible so let’s all be careful and remember that those days our parents married themselves without even knowing each other, and they are still living together after 40years, 50years,,,,so what is our excuse??

    • @Vela, U av talked well. Another area is the issue of westernization (erroneously termed civilization). A situation where they want to Equalize men & women. Women now believe they av equal right as men merely becos they are educated, earn more salary, come from richer family & pseudo freedom. All ds av eroded the respect accrued to husband from the wife & women are not ready to suffer anymore (not battery, molestation or inhuman suffering). The suffering of our mothers of old is really bringing blessing on their children. Though some men behave inhumanly yet, the women of nowadays are not ashamed of being a lone parent or stay in their parents’ house. In fact, a lot of reasons can be attributed to this scourge but my own submission is Women should be more patient, respectful & enduring. GENDER EQUALITY is neither Qur’anic nor Biblical, therefore UnGodly!!!
      Ŧђɑ̤̥̈̊п̥̥̲̣̣̣kƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇ and God Bless

    • Hmm, you are talking as if it is the fault of the woman, when a marriage breaks. When a man refuses to work, and take care of his family, what do you espect the woman to do, allow hunger to kill her children. She has to put food on the table. If the man drives her out of the house, ‘cos, according to the man “u disrespect me because u bring in money”. What do you want her to do?


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