Mother Beats Baby To Death in India

A local court in Mumbai, India on Friday remanded the mother of a three-month-old baby girl, Ahuti, in police custody till October 12. Aahuti died while undergoing treatment in a hospital as a result of suspected battering.

The police arrested Ahuti’s mother, Dharmishta Joshi late on Thursday claiming that the woman had confessed to physically abusing the infant, as she was frustrated with her crying all through the night. The police also claimed that the baby’s father Kalpesh Joshi was innocent in this case.

According to reports from the police; they told the court on Friday that “we want to understand the events as to how the baby died and will interrogate Dharmishta Joshi to find out.”

Defending his wife, Aahuti’s father, Kalpesh told a Mumbai newspaper, “We are an educated and cultured family and wouldn’t ever think of hurting a child. We don’t have the dowry system in our community, so why wouldn’t I want a girl child? I don’t know how my child sustained the injuries.”

Ahuti died on September 30 during treatment after she was admitted by her parents in Mumbai’s civic-run KEM Hospital with a skull fracture last week. The hospital’s paediatric department found she had multiple skull fractures and also suffered from internal bleeding, police said.

Doctors had informed the police when the baby’s parents failed to give a proper explanation on the baby’s injuries. After the baby died on Sunday, the police had it registered as an accidental death but autopsy findings revealed that the baby had injuries on both sides of the skull. Doctors however say injury on both sides of the skull could not have been caused by an accidental fall.

Aahuti had a twin sister who died within 12 days of her birth. The couple also has a one-and-a-half-year-old daughter Devahuti.

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