Muslim Leaders Demand N105 Billion Compensation from FG for Failing to Protect Them from Massacre

Massacres in the North have become regular occurrences over the decades

Muslims members of Southern Kaduna community in Kaduna State have dragged the Federal Government to the ECOWAS Court of Justice sitting in Abuja, asking the court to order the FG to pay them the sum of N105bn as compensation for failing to protect them from an alleged ethno-religious cleansing carried out by indigenous members of the community after the April 2011 presidential election.

The suit came up for hearing on Wednesday, and it was filed on behalf of the Southern Kaduna Muslims by the following plaintiffs – the Registered Trustees of Jamaa Foundation, Alhaji Suleiman Ahmed, Alhaji Muhammed Zailani, Malam Sale Waziri, Wada Balarabe and Yakubu Yunusa. The Federal Government of Nigeria and the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice were listed as the respondents.

According to them, the Federal Government failed to protect them from a premeditated mayhem which led to the death of 838 members of their community on April 18 and 19, 2011. In the suit filed by their lawyer, Abdulfatah Bello, they claimed that “the premeditated mayhem was executed in Kamuru Ukulu on the 18th day of April 2011.”

They said, “In the evening of the said day while the Muslim community were enjoying the peace of the after effect of the presidential election, their habitat was surrounded by some indigenous youths who mounted illegal road blocks to and from the town.” In the civil disturbances that ensued shortly after the road block was set up, their members lost lives and property while relevant agencies of the government failed to restore order in the community. Also, none of those responsible for the alleged crime has been arrested.

They therefore asked the court to declare that the failure of the respondents to provide timely protection for them was unlawful and violated their human rights, as guaranteed under the African Charter of People and Human Rights, and the UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Also, the Southern Kaduna Muslim community asked the court to order the Federal Government to pay them a total of N105bn as compensation.

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  • Then the Christians in Kaduna North should claim over N500 billion in compensation over the incessant killings & destruction of properties right frm d sharia crises to the election crises which in any case they started b’cos CPC lost.

  • It is disheartened, sympathetic to hear that the islamic leaders who sponsored the Deadly Boko-Haram to destroy the life and properties of Christians in the North are now short of Funds and now suing the F.G to raised fund to accomplished their Deadly act as Mandated by their Devilish Quran.
    No Doubt, the blood of terrorist flows from SATAN to MUHAMMED and to all MUSLIMS (jihad), they want Nigerians to convert to muslims in order to join SATAN and MUHAMMED who are already languishing in Hell. I think it is high Time we seperate this country so that the Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa e.t.c, muslims will go And join their satanic blood flowing brethren in the north so that they can have a glorious death together and fulfil their devilish Quran of 7 “Virgins”. #bastard terrorist muslims#

  • Wow, I neva ceased to be amazed at d extent of ignorance,self centeredness, prejudice opinion, poor moral and lack of imbibment of dier religious teaching.@ bastard muslim terrorist, I must say dat I feel extreme pity and sadness for u. U av allowed d hatred of d wrong pple to eat deep down in ur heart and soul dat it has block ur ability to reason verywell and act accordingly. Maybe if u were rightly informed who wudn’t av made such sadistic comment abt a group of ppl dat av not offende u in anyway. Pls whoever u are, try to exercise patient wen dealin wit ppl

  • Don’t mind dem,dey ar lukin for a way to collect money from d FG to go and buy more weapons since dere account have been arrested and dere pocket ix gettin dry evry day by day….Blood shocking idiots

  • These cult called Islamic are funny and i mean very funny. No more fund to sponsor Boko haram:D can’t wait for Nigeria to be divided so we can have our country and then we will see who they will sue their backsides for more billions. Greedy and selfish basterds. Rapists, terrorists and paedophiles. No shame at all. Fg would have to compensate the igbos too, the ogonis and every single tribe that have suffered in the hands of Hausas. Fuck Islam!!

  • God punish so called this islamic leaders, who caused all the babaric act in the north.criminals, if the islamic leaders or scholars are not wicked, you should enlightened the less priviledge (almanjiris). you are sponsoring them to loose their life and kill the innocent. why cant you the islamic scholars or leaders come out and sacrificice your own life.

  • how could you have initiated a crisis and lay claims for damages, are you not guilty, NIGERIA IS ASHAME OF YOU, WE ARE ASHAME OF YOUR ACTS AND DEEDS, PLEASE NORTHERN NIGERIANS RESPECT YOURSELF, RESPECT YOUR OLD AGE.

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