Mysterious: Corpse of 13-yeaar-old Girl Found in Freezer after being Left Home Alone at Night

In what still remains a mystery, the corpse of a 13-year old girl simply identified as Yetunde, Racheal Samuel had been, on the 5th of October, discovered in a freezer in the hitherto serene town of Isanlu, headquarters of Yagba-East Local Government of Kogi State. Yetunde was said to have decided to stay back at home on the fateful day when the rest of her family went for a wedding.

It is so far believed that Yetunde had been strangled to death by yet to be identified killers, after which her body was deposited inside a medium size freezer. The reason for this belief is that the JSS 2 student of Oluyori Comprehensive College, Isanlu was killed in the night of October 5th and neatly deposited inside a medium size freezer to create impression that she fell into the freezer and was subsequently jamlocked and frozen to death without anybody knowing; which shows that her death was pre-planned and carried out with an ulterior motive.

However, what has remained a mystery is who actually murdered her and for what. Aside that, the question on the lips of people is why was she the only one left in the house that particular day and why she was hurriedly buried in the cover of the night? Why did the parents or the guardians fail to report her mysterious death to the police before she was committed to mother earth? Only the police or perhaps, the late Yetunde herself could actually reveal who killed her and how she died.

The perpetrators of the henious crime would have gotten away with it if the police had not gotten wind of it. Maybe Yetunde’s blood is seeking for justice as no one knows how the Police heard about it. Meanwhile, the state commissioner of Police, Alh Mohammed Musa Katsina who got wind of the dastardly act, suspected foul play, arrested the guardians of the girl and ordered that the corpse be exhumed for a thorough autopsy to confirm whether the girl actually jumped inside the freezer and got frozen or she was killed.