Niger Deltans are planning for secession – Senator Joseph Waku

In an interview granted to the Sun, a former senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Joseph Waku, has brought fresh controversy into secession tales surrounding the unity of the country. Waku represented Benue North West constituency of Benue State between 1999 and 2003. According to him, the Nigeria Delta region is on the path of secession with the policies of Jonathan administration.

The reason for this stand by the senator is none other but some policies adopted by President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration. When asked about what the former senator felt about how the government now employs ex-militants in the Niger Delta region to protect oil installations and pay them in millions he said:

“They are preparing for secession. It is not for the oil. What happens to the military? What happens to the police? Where are your SSS? Where are your several governmental agencies? Let no one deceive us. We are too old for that kind of gimmicks. Do you know the number of arms that have got into the Niger Delta through bunkering? Government knows; our leaders too know. No genuine educated human being will want to identify himself as a militant. It is a derogatory name; it is not a name that anybody will want to be identified with.”

He continues: “But they have become something to the extent that people now cherish them, instead of treating them like common criminals which they are. Yet, they are being given first class treatment.”


Source: Daily Sun


  1. Senator you spoke like a kid. Why won’t we seccede, when we are feeding the nation but we are hungry. Only our oil recognised but the people are crap. Think about the oil spillage that has destroyed our fertile soil and water bodies before you open your mouth to vormit rubbish.

  2. Senator Joseph Waku is becoming unbecoming, Waku i understand speaks for AREWA. What ever he says is gabage cuz some members of the organization he represent have turned Nigeria to Afghanistan where people are been killed on daily basis. Someone should help me ask the so-called senator where did the bombers (Boko Haram) are getting their guns and boms materials from and who are the ones financing them. Certainly not Jonathan or the people of Niger Delter. Senator if u have no work or nothing to say stop inciting Nigerians against each other cuz we don’t want war in Nigeria.

  3. Mathew saviour you are a cow who gave you the authority to use the name saviour?? Nigeria belongs to us all don’t sit there with your soakaway mouth and say the oil belongs to you bcause the oil was discovered after amalgamation and not before! Now all other states namely sokoto, kogi, anambra etc will soon start pumping so you can go and drink your oil! We should strive to unite and fight for our rights in the proper way! Nigeria is one and will remain one! We need each other bkos no one state can live alone, you may think you have oil but remember other states have things you don’t have! We are meant to be one and the sooner we realise that the better so we can start re building for future generations

  4. Mattew u dnt sound like a kid now u r a kid! That’s all u knw wat to shout for ‘our oil’. Yes ur oil. Tell me wat has ur oil done to u that we cannot do without? All of u keep shouting our oil our oil. To hell with u and ur oil. Go and drink ur oil. Now that pple are dying in the floods u r still shouting ur oil. Yes! We can see hw ur oil is spilling all over ur lands and waters and killing u like ants. Mtsssssssss!!! Our oil. Indeed ur oil. Since Nigeria belongs to u niger deltans and only u. Nigeria is bigger than oil jor! Pple including ur pple r dying everyday because we dnt hv basic amenities and other infrastructure bt all u can do is to shout our oil. Oya now! Let ur oil save u lts c how. Nonsense!!!

  5. U all talking rubbish, do u all think dat the harm our past presidos hav done to our land can be undone ova nite. Our land is destroy and it wil take process to put Nigeria back together. So stop aportioning blames and pray to God our father.

  6. The war has started here already? Instead of throwing insults, try to convince the others with facts. Schools should make debating clubs mandatory so we can be both tolerant and convincing in our arguments! Words of advise, let’s not be pawns in their game. They beating the drums of war but when it comes, they’ll relocate with their families and be fighting the war on CNN and aljazeera, while we remain here to suffer!