Nigeria @52: This is not the worst place to live – Fashola

Governor Babatunde Fashola, in a statement through the Special Adviser to the Lagos State Governor on Media, Hakeem Bello at the weekend, has urged Nigerians to project positive things and work hard to make Nigeria reap the benefit of investments in Africa.

According to the governor, the challenges confronting the nation should be seen as building blocks to greater things; he therefore advised that the country should take advantage of Africa as the next investment destination to reclaim her pre-eminent status: “Africa is now experiencing six to seven per cent annual growth on a sustainable basis. In that context, where do we lie? We must reclaim our pre-eminent status.”

On the pessimistic outlook that most Nigerians have about the state of the nation, Governor Fashola says, “This (Nigeria) is not the worst place to live. The Spanish government raised its taxes by 52 per cent; Italy has raised its tax by 60 per cent. Italians are leaving their country. That is not our position here. People are being struck by earthquakes, Tsunami; but we have arable land for farming here.”

So, as we celebrate our 52nd Independence Day anniversary – albeit low-key – we should exude some level of positivity and be optimistic about things generally. However, if Governor Fashola is trying to say that some countries would be wishing that they were in our shoes right now, Italy and Spain are definitely part of those countries!


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